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Thread: Last Call: Will you fight Paul Ryan?

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    Last Call: Will you fight Paul Ryan?

    ALIPAC Activists,

    This will be our last call for volunteers who are willing to fight Paul Ryan in the narrowing race between him and GOP challenger Paul Nehlen. The latest internal polls show Ryan falling rapidly to under 50% with Nehlen support rising fast to 36% with 25% now undecided!

    If you have not engaged Lyin Ryan, who is a prime example of the politicians responsible for illegal immigration, your time to decide is NOW.

    1. We have a real chance here but it all comes down to a matter of how many dollars we can raise for our automated calls, targeted online ads, and talk radio station ads that are all now running in Wisconsin! If you are willing to fund ALIPAC's unique strategy as the only PAC in America specifically taking candidates to task on the issues of illegal immigration, Amnesty, and Muslim refugee resettlement then we need your help right now at...

    2. It also comes down to how many volunteers we can deploy calling GOP voters between now and Election Day next Tuesday Aug 9. Our current 40 volunteers are sending us email reports and are finding that their calls are working! It is quick, simple, easy and either free or affordable!

    If you are willing to volunteer to fight Paul Ryan from the comfort of your home anywhere in America by calling ALIPAC's target list with our simple script, then email with the word "Volunteer" in the subject line.

    3. There is a new powerful article about this race out from World Net Daily; please help us with positive comments and by sharing it via email and social media...

    Ryan rebellion: Paul under siege on own Facebook page
    'We the People are fed up with corrupt, lying, Obama-loving politicians like you'

    4. You should at least go read some of the comments people are making on Lyin Ryan's page! Many are using info and verbiage they got from ALIPAC! If every voter that will cast a ballot next Tuesday in Wisconsin reads these comments, Lyin Ryan will lose by a landslide! Go to visit this page, read, understand, circulate, and join in!


    5. Paul Nehlen's campaign is in the final hours running up to Election Day and they are making hard decision on what they can afford and how many volunteers they can deploy making direct contact with GOP voters like ALIPAC. There is still time for your donations and volunteerism to help Paul Nehlen but only if you LITERALLY ACT NOW at...

    Let's rally, ALIPACers! There is a clear momentum forming a critical mass across America to take down that lying illegal alien amnesty backer Paul Ryan! We have volunteers calling in from many states. It is all about direct voter contact at this point and that takes donations and volunteers!

    Please rally to us and engage the enemy hand to hand in Wisconsin!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: ALIPAC will make our final ad expenditure decision in this race to unseat Paul Ryan tomorrow (Friday) around 1pm Eastern. To be utilized, your donation must be received online before then at this link...
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    Thank you to Alipac, the volunteers and the supporters who are giving their time and money to this effort.

    It is good news to hear that the 40 volunteers are having positive results. Alipac has numerous news stories and other information on Paul Ryan that should give reasons for voters to support Paul Nehlan.

    When you leave the doors open and you invite millions of unknown people to come in and do as they please and you work to keep the doors open through lack of action and even ask for more foreign interests and people to come and violate our nation, you do not deserve the title of "representative" or "Speaker" of the House of the United States of America. Best to seek employment with the Chamber of Commerce, some Wall Street firm, some ethnic or immigration advocacy group or social justice organization.

    Americans need representatives thinking "AmericaFirst" every time.

    I read many of the comments on the pages. Americans are frustrated with Speaker Paul Ryan.

    p.s. hi, imblest
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