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    Last chance to call against S 386 before today's vote

    This is it, folks! Since 99% of America has no idea what is about to happen today due to the media blackout on S 386, which includes stalwart Drudge Report. (View media scan) It's up to you! Respond and take action or sit still and suffer the national consequences.

    This may be your last chance to call GOP Senators and ask that just one of them stand up for American jobs and American workers against the green card giveaway to India and China bill S 386 before today's vote!

    Ask every Republican you can...

    "Please ask Senator _____ to stand up for American jobs and American workers by objecting to Sen. Lee's improper unanimous consent motion on S. 386 which would hand more power to companies who abuse American workers and hand more power to India, China, and Democrats over American policies, communities, and citizens!"

    Senate Contact Info

    Sen David Perdue has indicated that he dropped his objection to Lee's unanimous consent ploy because "I supported his bill. It's consistent with what the White House has been working on. We just had some nuances in the language with regard to rural nurses and basically, we worked that out." (View Source)

    This means it is most likely someone in the White House has given a green light that Trump will sign this anti-American worker bill! Call and write Trump to say...

    "President Trump please veto the anti-American worker bill S 386 which contradicts every immigration promise you campaigned on!"

    White House Contact: Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414

    Trump social media contact



    ALIPAC would like to thank each of you sacrificing your time and energy to receive our alerts, open them, read and take the actions we request.

    Special thanks to each of you who has Sponsored ALIPAC's fight to save American jobs and lives in 2019!

    Let's roll ALIPACers!

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    PS: Please make these calls rapidly and then click on the social media icons in this email to share this request for action with other Americans!
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