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    Last chance to support anti-Amnesty candidates on ballot in 2018

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    Friends of ALIPAC,

    America votes in five days. With Silicon Valley companies silencing and suppressing many voices who oppose the radical left, with tons of non-citizens ready to vote for the Democrats, and with some conservative base voters demoralized by GOP efforts to pass Amnesty, this could be a very dire election.

    At ALIPAC, we need our supporters to do all you can for our endorsed candidates who have indicated they oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty. If there are not many endorsed candidates in your area, did you take steps to send them our survey?

    Please take the following simple steps to support our candidates:

    1. Donate to ALIPAC right away to fund our online advertising campaign and other expenses we pay to create and maintain these endorsements--

    2. Visit ALIPAC's Endorsements page and use the share features to share this link on Facebook, Twitter, and by Messenger, text message, and e-mail! You can also use the meme and links above. Please help send thousands of Americans to view our endorsements and resource links that work on any desktop and mobile device at--

    3. Please support our endorsed candidates facing election on Nov 6 by directly donating through their websites (click on their names) or by contacting them to volunteer. ALIPAC was originally formed to support campaign volunteers that travel the country to back candidates who oppose illegal immigration. Many of our activists are already deployed on the ground behind these campaigns. They need and deserve your financial and volunteer help. Locate the ALIPAC campaign closest to you and reach out to them to volunteer and donate--

    4. Prepare to magnify your vote if one of our ALIPAC endorsed candidates will be on your ballot in 2018. Midterm elections are low voter turnout elections that are often decided by very close margins. Take everyone you know--friends, family members, and neighbors who oppose illegal immigration out to vote with you to support our candidates at--

    5. Locate these campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, friend them, and start circulating all their releases and alerts to your friends and networks.

    Let's roll, ALIPACers! We have five days to fight with all our might!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: ALIPAC's ad supporting our Endorsed Candidates will go up at this weekend. Many thanks to all of you who are helping fund our fight. We have currently raised $1,852 of the $2400 I loaned to ALIPAC yesterday. Please make a donation of $10 or more to help us clear this matching offer via our secure online donation pages at--

    Donate via ALIPAC's Secure Online contributions page at--

    Donate using any mobile device at--
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