Those of us fighting illegal immigration at ALIPAC have known for quite awhile that the illegal alien invasion of America is part of a planned corporation and bank backed overthrow of the Republic America's founding fathers risked all to give us! Now we have all the proof we will ever need, but we need you to help us get this info to the voters! DONATE NOW TO HELP

This criminal cartel that runs our government through almost all Democrats and sellout Republicans like McCain & Ryan does not just want to merge the economies of Mexico, Canada, and America through open borders and full "worker mobility", but they want to merge the entire western hemisphere as a prelude to one world government! Learn more from what Donald Trump revealed in a speech to 8,000 supporters (Hillary can't get 800 in a room) last night
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The 2016 Elections on Nov 8 are our last chance to break out of this trap! ALIPAC is launching a new shocking strategy to help us follow a very narrow and precarious path to victory in 27 days! Stand With us now at

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