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    Let's Make Mark Dice's New Book about the Left a top seller on Amazon

    At ALIPAC, we have done our best to identify and support video content creators and podcasters who are helping Americans by telling the truth on important issues such as illegal immigration, open borders, and Amnesty.

    While this does not mean we agree with everything each of these twenty-five content creators have ever said and done, they are an essential part of our efforts to get accurate info to the American public.

    You can review our list of 25 to support here...

    Yesterday, one of our supported podcasters, Steven Crowder, broke the story of three leaked pages of the Trans-Terrorist shooter's manifesto, which revealed the three children and three adults massacred by Audrey/Aiden Hale seven months ago in Covenant School in Nashville, TN, were targeted BECAUSE THEY WERE WHITE & Christian.

    Read report (Warning graphic language and details)

    Please support Steven Crowder by watching his show on Rumble (HERE) or the censored versions on YouTube and consider joining his mug club to help finance his battles against censorship and tyranny.

    The prevalent and growing Anti-white racism that we often see in our battles against illegal immigration has progressed to a terrorist attack slaughtering children and teachers, and our FBI and local Democrats concealed the mass hate crime motivations to keep us all in the dark when the danger was manifest!

    Today, another podcaster we support, Mark Dice, has a new book out that has quickly risen to #4 on Amazon despite the usual skullduggery designed to hurt his book launch efforts. Mr. Dice has taken on many thorny issues, and, amazingly, YouTube hasn't banned him yet! (View Mark Dice videos on YT)

    I just bought a copy of his new book, "The War On Conservatives," on Amazon to help him reach #1, and I hope you will consider doing the same at...

    Buy a copy for yourself and one as a Christmas gift or stocking stuffer to help Dice reach #1 and show that truth-tellers in America are appreciated by folks like us.

    If you like the book, circle back and give Mark Dice 5 stars and a positive comment on Amazon to help his efforts and book sales.

    Thank you,

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
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