Supporters of ALIPAC:

Today we are launching the first phase of our opposition to the Guest Worker Amnesty (AKA Shamnesty) bills in Congress!

We need your help as volunteers! Our national list, that you are on, is receiving notice of this effort but soon we will switch over to ONLY notifying those of you in our VOLUNTEER database.

If you have not signed up as an ALIPAC Volunteer yet, please take a few minutes to do so at this link.... ... page&pid=4

We are starting our attack with a national letter to the editor campaign. Please make a list of the newspapers and talk radio shows available in your area and nationally.

Please review the instructions at the following link and craft your letters as soon as possible. We will be moving into the second additional phase of our opposition to the Guest Worker amnesty push in about a week.

Many of you may want to take a look at our opponents on this measure. The Bush administration has hired a multimillion dollar public relations company called Quinn-Gillespie & Associates. Their homepage is located at

Learn more of their role by reading...

OPEN BORDERS Lobby Exposed! Know thy enemy! Quinn-Gillespie & Associates

We hope that many of you will work together with like minded citizen activists across America to take on these Open Borders Groups.

We need to get the word out without letters. No Guest Worker, No rewards for illegal aliens, this will encourage more to illegally immigrate. Enforce our existing laws now! We know about "Catch and Release" We know about the lack of fines to employers that hire illegal aliens. The people that are responsible for our illegal immigration crisis are now trying to force us into accepting their solution to the problem they have created.

Getting this information out will greatly hinder their ability to succeed.

We will start with the letters. We will then go after Internet forums and talk radio shows. Then, with more Americans behind us we MOVE ON THE CONGRESS on October 1!

This will be a fierce fight! It is time for us to work together to put the conversation back on illegal immigration.

The Bush administration has illustrated they are willing to use Katrina to further their open borders agenda.

YOU MUST ACT NOW if you want to save America.

Our entire network of organizations will be contacted this weekend and asked to join us in this struggle.

Activists are standing by in our Discussion Groups at to assist you.

Please read a full list of suggestions for your letters to the editor here.

ALIPAC Plan to oppose Guest Worker Amnesty Legislation 2005

Please post copies of your letter in our forums or e-mail them to so they can be shared with other activists.

We cannot allow our fellow countrymen to be deceived by these Guest Worker Bills that amount to amnesty.

Who of you will stand with us?

Let's roll!


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