The Censored Side of the Speaker Debate

It may not matter what Amnesty supporting Rep. Kevin McCarthy promises to other Republicans when the fundamental issue is a lack of trust because McCarthy notoriously serves the lobbyists and special interest groups who rule DC.

Here is some important info about the speakership fight dominating the news cycle....

Here is the Texas delegation Border Security Plan championed by the 20 lawmakers voting against McCarthy. They say McCarthy rejected scheduling a vote on this plan and trying to win a vote on the plan from him for their votes.

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The Texas Delegation Border Solution document

Here are two videos that explain the positions of those opposing Kevin McCarthy's ascension to the speakership that is not getting through to the public in many sectors.

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"Trust Is Broken": Lauren Boebert Exposes the Truth Behind the Speaker Battle

Matt Gaetz on Laura Ingraham Show: Trump is wrong to support McCarthy

3. Rasmussen polling is showing that less than half of Republican voters support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker.

Thank you for your attention and efforts on these matters of national importance.