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    National Emergency Situation in Wisconsin!

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We need immediate and full national deployment of all ALIPAC activists to Wisconsin this week.

    Twelve Democrats on the state legislature's Joint Finance Committee voted to pass in-state tuition for illegal aliens. The underhanded part of this is that they rolled the measure into the state budget bill in an attempt to force Wisconsin lawmakers into accepting the measure or having to oppose the entire state budget needed to fund all state jobs!

    This is consistent with the national pattern we have seen in states like Arkansas and Colorado where a handful of Democrats on a committee resort to dirty political tactics that are designed to deprive citizens of representation or proper government to push their radical agenda.

    While ALIPACers have defeated the illegal alien supporters and their legislation in every state we have engaged in this year, we must stop them in Wisconsin now!

    We have won this year in Arkansas, Colorado, New Jersey, Oregon, and Maryland but we cannot allow our opposition to win any battles and we cannot rest on our laurels!

    The top political villain in this situation in Wisconsin is Governor Jim Doyle who has been an open proponent for in-state tuition for illegal aliens.


    STEP 1:
    Click on this link to review the articles from Wisconsin. Using those articles and ALIPAC's sample message and talking points, craft your own distinct message.

    REMINDER: Form e-mails and faxes that all say the same thing have very little impact on lawmakers after the first ten arrive. We constantly receive requests for point and click template e-mails or fax systems. Sorry folks, but nobody said saving your nation would be that easy.

    Wisconsin background articles

    Main talking points

    2. Unfair and immoral to include in-state tuition for illegals in a budget bill.

    3. In-state tuition for illegals forces taxpayers to pay to replace their own children in the limited seats in college.

    4. In-state tuition for illegals violates a 1996 Federal law.

    5. Taxpayer welfare benefits like in-state tuition for illegals will attract more illegal immigration into Wisconsin and America.

    Sample Message

    "Senator/Representative _______:

    I am calling/writing today to express my anger and dismay regarding the fact some Democrats in Wisconsin have placed in-state tuition for illegal aliens into the budget bill. Such legislation deserves consideration by the entire legislature separate from the budget and inserting it into the budget is a dirty political trick that degrades integrity of the entire legislative process.

    I want you to remove in-state tuition considerations from the budget bill and defeat this measure or vote against the entire budget bill until the provision is removed.

    In this nightmarish economy, how dare you push Wisconsin taxpayers to pay more in taxes to replace their own children in the limited seats in college. Did you miss the news about how millions of Americans are losing the ability to send their own kids to college now?

    In-state tuition for illegals is opposed by over 80% of Americans according to numerous polls, is unfair to American students and taxpayers, violates existing federal laws, and will attract more illegal aliens into Wisconsin and America.

    Please join the states of Arkansas, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey, and Maryland where predominantly Democratic legislatures have soundly defeated in-state tuition for illegals in 2009. This unpopular measure has failed in every state in the last four years.



    STEP 2

    Use the following access links to locate phone numbers, fax numbers, and email access to Wisconsin legislators.

    Make a commitment to contact a minimum of 10 Wisconsin lawmakers. This will take you about an hour. For those of you who can do more than ten, please do. Try to work on this project some each day you can this week!

    Remember to CALL, CALL, CALL. Emails and faxes without a call decreases your impact about 80%. Call, then follow up with a written copy of your distinct message. Fill voice mails if you do not get a human answer.


    Step 3:

    If you live in Wisconsin, please take a copy of ALIPAC's press release and send it to every contact you can locate for talk radio shows, newspapers, and TV stations in the state.

    Press Release
    Americans Move To Stop Wisconsin from Aiding Illegal Immigrants

    Step 4:

    If you have any questions, need any assistance, have any feedback, learn something new while calling, or are willing to share your messages and progress, please do so at this link....

    Let's rally our forces and move on Wisconsin as a disciplined and organized national activist force. If the illegals win in Wisconsin it will break our perfect record of defeating them in 2009 and that could greatly weaken our ability to stop mass Amnesty in Washington NEXT MONTH!

    The ALIPAC Team
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    We must call the Assembly.

    I called about 5 Senators from Wisconisn before I was told that the bill had passed and was now going to the Assembly. So I went to www.legis.state.Wis.Us and got the following information. may want to call about 10 per day as William Suggested rather than tackle the entire task in one day. The main thing is to call, we can't let them win!


    BALLWEG, Joan (R-41) 10-West 6-8077 NERISON, Lee (R-96) 310-North 6-3534
    BARCA, Peter (D-64) 107-North 6-5504 NEWCOMER, Scott (R-33) 19-North 6-3007
    BENEDICT, Chuck (D-45) 306-West 6-9967 NYGREN, John (R-89) 127-West 6-2343
    BERCEAU, Terese (D-76) 208-North 6-3784 OTT, Alvin (R-3) 323-North 6-5831
    BERNARD SCHABER, Penny (D-57) 412-North 6-3070 OTT, Jim (R-23) 317-North 6-0486
    BIES, Garey (R-1) 125-West 6-5350 PARISI, Joe (D-4 126-North 6-5342
    BLACK, Spencer (D-77) 210-North 6-7521 PASCH, Sandy (D-22) 122-North 6-7671
    BROOKS, Ed (R-50) 20-North 6-8531 PETERSEN, Kevin (R-40) 109-West 6-3794
    CLARK, Fred (D-42) 418-North 6-7746 PETROWSKI, Jerry (R-86) 16-West 6-1182
    COLON, Pedro (D- 306-East 7-7669 POCAN, Mark (D-7 309-East 6-8570
    CULLEN, David (D-13) 216-North 7-9836 POPE-ROBERTS, Sondy (D-79) 209-North 6-3520
    DANOU, Chris (D-91) 303-West 6-7015 PRIDEMORE, Don (R-99) 318-North 7-2367
    DAVIS, Brett (R-80) 11-West 6-1192 RADCLIFFE, Mark (D-92) 321-West 6-7461
    DEXTER, Kristen (D-6 9-North 6-9172 RHOADES, Kitty (R-30) 115-West 6-1526
    FIELDS, Jason (D-11) 221-North 6-3756 RICHARDS, Jon (D-19) 118-North 6-0650
    FITZGERALD, Jeff (R-39) 201-West 6-2540 RIPP, Keith (R-47) 3-North 6-3404
    FRISKE, Donald (R-35) 312-North 6-7694 ROTH, JR., Roger (R-56) 316-North 6-7500
    GARTHWAITE, Phil (D-49) 304-West 6-1170 ROYS, Kelda (D-81) 7-North 6-5340
    GOTTLIEB, Mark (R-60) 309-North 7-2369 SCHNEIDER, Marlin (D-72) 204-North 6-0215
    GRIGSBY, Tamara (D-1 324-East 6-0645 SEIDEL, Donna (D-85) 218-North 6-0654
    GUNDERSON, Scott (R-83) 7-West 6-3363 SHERIDAN, Mike (D-44) 211-West 6-3387
    GUNDRUM, Mark (R-84) 119-West 7-5158 SHERMAN, Gary (D-74) 304-East 6-7690
    HEBL, Gary (D-46) 120-North 6-7678 SHILLING, Jennifer (D-95) 320-East 6-5780
    HILGENBERG, Steve (D-51) 5-North 6-7502 SINICKI, Christine (D-20) 114-North 6-8588
    HINTZ, Gordon (D-54) 322-West 6-2254 SMITH, Jeff (D-93) 111-North 6-0660
    HIXSON, Kim (D-43) 109-North 6-9650 SOLETSKI, James (D-8 307-West 6-0485
    HONADEL, Mark (R-21) 113-West 6-0610 SPANBAUER, Richard (R-53) 121-West 7-7990
    HRAYCHUCK, Ann (D-2 6-North 7-2365 STASKUNAS, Tony (D-15) 212-North 6-0620
    HUBLER, Mary (D-75) 119-North 6-2519 STEINBRINK, John (D-65) 104-North 6-0455
    HUEBSCH, Michael (R-94) 115-West 6-0631 STONE, Jeff (R-82) 314-North 6-8590
    JORGENSEN, Andy (D-37) 320-West 6-3790 STRACHOTA, Pat (R-5 13-West 4-8486
    KAUFERT, Dean (R-55) 15-North 6-5719 SUDER, Scott (R-69) 315-North 7-0280
    KERKMAN, Samantha (R-66) 103-West 6-2530 TAUCHEN, Gary (R-6) 9-West 6-3097
    KESSLER, Frederick (D-12) 302-North 6-5813 TOLES, Barbara (D-17) 124-North 6-5580
    KESTELL, Steve (R-27) 15-West 6-8530 TOWNSEND, John (R-52) 22-West 6-3156
    KLEEFISCH, Joel (R-3 8-West 6-8551 TURNER, Robert (D-61) 223-North 6-0731
    KNODL, Dan (R-24) 4-West 6-3796 VAN AKKEREN, Terry (D-26) 220-North 6-0656
    KRAMER, Bill (R-97) 18-West 6-8580 VAN ROY, Karl (R-90) 123-West 6-0616
    KRUSICK, Peggy (D-7) 128-North 6-1733 VOS, Robin (R-63) 105-West 6-9171
    LeMAHIEU, Daniel (R-59) 17-North 6-9175 VRUWINK, Amy Sue (D-70) 112-North 6-8366
    LOTHIAN, Thomas (R-32) 306-North 6-1190 VUKMIR, Leah (R-14) 107-West 6-9180
    MASON, Cory (D-62) 321-East 6-0634 WILLIAMS, Annette (D-10) 113-North 6-0960
    MEYER, Dan (R-34) 308-North 6-7141 WILLIAMS, Mary (R-87) 17-West 6-7506
    MILROY, Nick (D-73) 8-North 6-0640 WOOD, Jeffrey (I-67) 21-North 6-1194
    MOLEPSKE, JR., Louis (D-71) 214-North 7-9649 YOUNG, Leon (D-16) 11-North 6-3786
    MONTGOMERY, Phil (R-4) 129-West 6-5840 ZEPNICK, Josh (D-9) 219-North 6-1707
    MURSAU, Jeffrey (R-36) 18-North 6-3780 ZIEGELBAUER, Bob (D-25) 207-North 6-0315
    MURTHA, John (R-29) 304-North 6-7683 ZIGMUNT, Ted (D-2) 420-North 6-9870
    NASS, Stephen (R-31) 12-West 6-5715 ZIPPERER, Rich (R-9 307-North 6-5120
    NELSON, Tom (D-5) 214-West 6-2401
    Assembly Chief Clerk's Office 401-RJC 6-1501 General Office Supplies 411-West 6-1503
    Assistant Chief Clerk, Bill Nagy 401-RJC 6-1501 Quick Copy Center GEF 3, Rm 011 6-2331
    Ofc Mngr/Time Rpts/Gen Info (Laura) 401-RJC 6-1501 Leg. Audit Bureau 22 E. Mifflin 6-2818
    Rcrds/Clrg Hse Rules/Comm. Rpts (Kay) 401-RJC 6-5550 Leg. Council 401-EM 6-1304
    Journals/Citations/Sess. Prayer (Julie) 401-RJC 6-2406 Leg. Fiscal Bureau 301-EM 6-3847
    Bill intro/Bulletins/Calendar/ (Jeryn) 401-RJC 6-2545 Legislative Hotline 411-West 6-9960
    Assm Tele. Equip./Voicemail (Jeryn) 401-RJC 6-2545 (Toll-free number) 800-362-9472
    Per Diem/Roll Calls/Parking (Doris) 401-RJC 4-8588 Leg. Post Office B10-West 6-5837
    Travel/Interns/Copy Cards (Doris) 401-RJC 4-8588 LRB-Reference Section 200-EM 6-0341
    Assembly Ofc Accts/Printing (Julanne) 401-RJC 6-3826 LRB-Bill Drafting 200-EM 6-3561
    Chief Clerk Fax Number 401-RJC 6-5617 LTSB Technical Support 200-RJC 7-9528
    Leg. Human Resources 301-RJC 4-8471 Call Forwarding to SGT 411-West 6-3044
    Sergeant-at-Arms Office/staff 411-West 6-1503 Capitol Buildings and Grounds 119-RJC 6-1485
    Hearing Room Schedules 411-West 6-2004 CAPITOL POLICE DEPT. (Emergency) B2-North 6-7700
    Anne Tonnon Byers, Dpty Sgt-at-Arms 411-West 6-2004 CAPITOL POLICE DEPT. (Non-Emrg) B2-North 6-8797
    Bill Nagy, Sgt-at-Arms 411-West 7-9808
    Graphic Designer-Peggy Frain RJC-401 4-8395 Photographer-Brent Nicastro B-7-West 1-9476
    Graphic Designer-Bob Johnston 323-West 4-8603 Photographer-Jay Salvo B-23-West 7-0897
    Leg. Website:
    Mailing: PO Box 8952 (Reps A-L) PO Box 8953 (Reps M-Z) Madison, WI 53708 E-Mail: Rep.(insert last name) (see footnote)
    HEARING ROOMS: North HR (2ND FL)-264-8317; 413 NORTH (GAR)-264-8318; 2(EM=1 E. Main; RJC=Risser Justice Center, 17 W. Main St., Madison, WI 53703)
    400 NE-266-2848; 412 E-266-7632; 415 NW-266-2411
    Email: For Reps with the same last name, include their first name initial after their last name in the email address.
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    I'm working on this today.

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    Responding to the request: Note Illegal Alien Licenses

    Here is the text I wrote to Peggy Bernard-Schaber:

    Representative Schaber,

    I write you today to let my opposition be known to parts of the budget giving people that have illegally entered Wisconsin in particular, and the United States in general, both licenses and in-state tuition levels. A little about myself: I have many members of my family that are legal immigrants, from above the northern and below the southern borders. I have friends that are legal immigrants from Europe to Asia. I have enjoyed my time with "visiting" (read: legal visa holding workers) at several places of employment. Indeed my work alone (in the computer industry) means I often speak with legal immigrants, or visiting foreign employees of various corporations. I have the utmost respect for them.

    That all being said, I find the additions to the budget bill to be odious. To reward people for breaking the law is nigh reckless. While I do agree we should streamline legal immigration, there will always be caps that limit immigration from any one country or region simply because we cannot absorb everyone that wants to emigrate here. Simple fairness to allow various ethnicities to enter rather than simply the closest. These caps actually help America become a melting pot.

    Considering the current economy, I would prefer that you move for removal of both provisions discussed here from the budget. It is unfair to ask Americans, legal immigrants, or even legal visa holders, to pay for an illegal alien's education. Not only that, it is unfair to ask for children coming from high school, or recently displaced workers to give up their seats for that education which may help them earn a better living or return to work respectively.

    As far as licenses are concerned, it is illogical to give someone that is breaking the law legal documents saying that they can drive. While this is often pushed as a safety issue, it is not logically thought through. This will not make anyone safer. Even if they had legal documents, most would still not get insurance. Many legal residents, in defiance of the law I might add, do not get insurance. What is the incentive for the illegal alien to get insurance? None whatsoever. They'll play the same roulette game that legal citizens without insurance do, but with the added benefit of being able to say that they're allowed to drive.

    In short, these measures have failed before once a suitable public airing of the pros and cons has happened. The limited points I make here is nowhere near complete, and I encourage to weigh both sides carefully. Please note that they have not failed Republican dominated legislatures alone, but also Democratic controlled legislatures. The reasoning is simple: Once you actually lay out all the facts, the proposals lose all luster. They become hollow and pointless when their purported benefits are shown to be false.

    Thank you for your time,


    Please note that licenses for illegal aliens are also in the budget according to the news last night (NBC 26)
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    Welcome, Inglix! And love your letter. I would also sent it as an open letter to every newspaper in the state, as well as to every other media organization. You never know whether someone will publish, or may find a story that has slipped throught their fingers.
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    Heres a letter I got back

    This is one of the letter's I recieved back.

    June 8, 2009

    Dear Jimmy,

    Thank you for your comments regarding tuition equity for undocumented immigrants. I appreciate hearing from you.

    On May 23rd, the Joint Finance Committee approved a budget provision that would allow some undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Wisconsin colleges. To qualify, students would have to reside in Wisconsin for three years, graduate from Wisconsin high schools or earn equivalency degrees in the state and pledge to apply for permanent residency visas.
    In my opinion, this issue is a matter of fairness and dignity and should be included in the budget bill.

    Thank you again for sharing your views with me. If I can ever be of service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Most Sincerely,

    Wisconsin State Senate
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