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Thread: NC Governor Pat McCrory Vanquished by Cooper & Clinton's Illegal Immigrant Voters

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    NC Governor Pat McCrory Vanquished by Cooper & Clinton's Illegal Immigrant Voters

    NC Governor Pat McCrory Vanquished by Cooper & Clinton's Illegal Immigrant Voters



    December 12, 2016

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC | | (866) 703-0864 | @ALIPAC

    (Raleigh-NC) Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory conceded his race today after failing to challenge ineligible voters that included illegal immigrant voters that cost him his race against Democrat Roy Cooper.

    "Governor McCrory won't be the last Republican victim of illegal immigrant voters in NC unless the NC Legislature takes immediate action to get the illegals out of our voter registration files and election totals," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Very sad to see that McCrory was not the man who did America a huge service by dispatching bilingual surveyors to interview and identify illegal immigrant voters in the Democrat crime infested stronghold precincts of Durham, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro where they stole this election from him. Their goal was to steal NC for Hillary against Donald Trump, but we Americans were more motivated to vote than the illegals this year."

    While the McCrory campaign did attempt to challenge absentee ballots they felt were fraudulent, there was no ground game to document ineligible voters. North Carolina has over 400,000 illegal immigrants and Democratic Party operatives have made it clear they are out to register and vote anyone they can regardless of immigration status. Obama even broadcast a message to Spanish-language audiences, comprised of millions of illegal immigrants, telling them that no government authority would check voter registrations or votes for immigration law compliance! This message was a powerful green light for illegals to vote en masse! (View Video)

    While many pro-Democrat pro-illegal immigration media publications like AOL and Washington Post are making false claims that Donald Trump has no evidence for his concerns about illegal alien voters, ALIPAC archives prove that a huge volume of evidence exists that large numbers of illegal aliens committed dual felonies of registering to vote and voting predominantly for Democrats in 2016! (View Archive Evidence)

    On October 21, 2014, the Winston-Salem Journal reported that 10,000 noncitizens had been found on the NC voter roles, including 145 Obama DACA Amnesty order recipients, even though it is a felony for noncitizens to register. (View Article)

    Project Veritas documented Democrat operatives assisting illegal immigrants to vote unlawfully on video in October of 2014. (View Video)

    After many years of fighting and lobbying, ALIPAC helped North Carolina stop giving licenses to illegal immigrants in 2007, and there was a new voter ID law that would have required a valid ID for voters in 2016, but that law was struck down by a judge clearing the way for Hillary Clinton and Roy Cooper's illegal aliens to vote.

    "Roy Cooper is not the legitimate Governor of North Carolina because his election victory was only achieved through mass voter fraud," said William Gheen. "Roy Cooper is the first illegal alien elected Governor of our state and I'm sure he will work hard to reward his foreign voters that made hs victory possible."

    ALIPAC is calling on members of the NC General Assembly and Lt. Governor Dan Forest to launch an immediate Voter & Elections Integrity Commission to document as many illegal immigrant, felon, deceased, and non-existent voters as possible while the Board of Elections data containing all voter addresses, demographic information, and phone numbers is current.

    If Republicans fail to stop illegal immigrants from voting in NC elections, future GOP Presidential candidates, candidates for governor and statewide office, Congress, and state house and senate will be unable to overcome Democrats, and North Carolina will go the way of California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada!

    For more information about the extensive evidence that exists proving that large volumes of illegals voted in the 2010-2016 elections, or to schedule interviews with an expert on these topics, please visit

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    Finally. The cat is way out of the bag. I suspect the Trump administration is going to do something about our voting problems. This is an old, old problem dating back to the day when Joe Kennedy won the presidency for JFK. During the campaign, when Trump was appealing to voters from some old impoverished communities, he again and again raised the issue of how the Democrats have secured these communities for so long. And how did they do that? Corruption and rigged voting.

    I'll say again, primary elections do a lot to confuse voters about what is really going on around the presidential election. And look what is going on. The primary election system is itself falling apart under pressure from independent voters and party voters who want to shed themselves of the Two Party System. We have "open" primaries, where the original beneficiaries of the primary elections are subsumed in a popular vote. Strange, but neither of the Two Parties seem to have any objections.

    Give party nominations back to the political parties. End the primary elections. Outlaw the collection of party affiliation for purposes of voter registration. When the government keeps track of who belongs to which party, the the government runs the parties.

    Freedom of Association is a fundamental part of our First Amendment. Before tyrannical governments come for your guns, they collect and keep information on your political affiliations. We need to end this now.
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    Planning a vacation to Mexico? Do not go there, shut their tourist industry down. Spend your tourist dollars in the Hawaiian Islands, the Florida beaches, Key West or US Virgin Islands.

    Send the message to President Nieto to put HIS military on the border and stop the drugs, diseases, the human trafficking and invasion of OUR country.

    President Nieto needs to get on Spanish television...telling HIS citizens to pack up and go back to Mexico. He has plenty of land for them...put them in a Safe Zone on HIS soil. He can give them tents and shelter, set up schools, put them to work building Mexico. The Mexican Churches and Mexican billionaires can work together in this effort.

    Anybody in the USA going shopping? Going to the liquor store? Check every label, if is says "Made in Mexico"...put it back on the not buy it.

    The USA is a Nation of Laws...respect OUR Laws, our people and our Country. Mexico is NOT a good neighbor.

    Every American needs to stand together...get the word NOT use your money to buy products or travel in Mexico.

    If our own government and Mexico refuse to secure our borders and stop this invasion...we MUST do it with our wallets!

    We can do this...get on twitter to Donald Trump, to Fox News, get on FB, get the billboards up, pass this on to your friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beezer View Post

    Anybody in the USA going shopping? Going to the liquor store? Check every label, if is says "Made in Mexico"...put it back on the not buy it.

    I don't think that products are required to show where they are made. I think this is the result of NAFTA or something.

    We need to go back to this. At one time it was an absolute requirement. We need especially to identify high priced items and food. We need to be able to tell where our automobiles and meat are coming from right away. It should be posted plainly and visibly.

    This could be a good thing for many countries. I remember when "Made in Japan" was a mark of ridicule. The idea that Americans might own a Japanese car never occurred to anyone. Now, "Made in Japan" is a mark of quality. We hope it was made in Japan and not China, which is more likely than not. And meanwhile most of our desktop computer parts are made in China. While it is still not necessarily an indicator of quality, "Made in China" is neither necessarily anything to worry about.

    But I don't want to buy anything with "Made in Mexico" on it, especially automobiles or food.
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    This is a sad state of affairs. Gov. McCrory was a good governor with a strong record.
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    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    It's a real shame and there should be some way to document it. If they could document it in 2014, they should be able to document it in 2016. We know millions and millions of non-citizens voted in the 2016 election.
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    I'm sorry Gov. McCrory lost, but he didn't help himself any with his support for toll lanes on I-77 north of Charlotte. In comparison to 2012, he lost 30,000 votes in that area alone. Those 30,000 would have won him the election even with any illegal or fraudulent voting, which I am SURE went on.

    The issue--

    The opposition--

    He also was wishy washy on the GOP platform, which hurt him with some. I have heard there were republicans who left the governor line blank on their ballots. He is widely considered a RINO among the party faithful.
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