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Thread: NC Senator Thom Tillis leads Amnesty effort for illegals & Schumer

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    NC Senator Thom Tillis leads Amnesty effort for illegals & Schumer

    NC Senator Thom Tillis Leads Amnesty Effort for illegals & Schumer

    For National Release | Dec. 6, 2022

    Millions of illegal immigrants may receive citizenship, access to taxpayer benefits, Amnesty, and voting rights soon thanks to North Carolina Republican Senator Thom Tillis who is working with the Biden administration, Sen Christine Sinema, and Chuck Schumer to support Lame Duck Amnesty 2022.

    If given Thom Tillis's legislative path to citizenship Amnesty, starting with Obama's DACA illegals, more than two to twenty million illegal immigrants will eventually begin to vote legally in US elections, with more than 80% expected to vote the way Democrats and drug cartels instruct them to.

    This will put Democrats, drug cartels, China, and Mexico in permanent control of US elections, policies, and laws through a corporate-sponsored invasion that results in the death of thousands of Americans each year.

    A new legislative Amnesty will more than triple the future illegal immigrant population within a decade and turn all states, including Thom Tillis's home of North Carolina, as deep and permanent Democrat blue as California based on the results of Reagan's destructive Amnesty bill of 1986.

    "Thom Tillis is owned by the Chamber of Commerce groups and willing to sellout Republicans and all of his NC constituents by representing globalists, Democrat leaders, and illegal invaders instead of American citizens during the Lame Duck session of 2022," said NC native and founder of ALIPAC William Gheen. "If Tillis succeeds in helping Biden, Pelosi, Mexico, Mexico, China, the US Chamber of Commerce, and Schumer achieve their globalist dream of Amnesty for millions of illegals, I bet the DC special interests have some very lucrative rewards for him lined up!"

    According to the Washington Post, Tillis and Sinema are negotiating a DACA amnesty plan that would provide green cards — and eventually naturalized American citizenship — to about two million illegal aliens, and the Democrats, RINO Republicans, and DC insider power groups have made it clear they plan to pass DACA Amnesty first as a domino to pass Amnesty for the remaining twenty plus illegals currently invading the US.

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( is encouraging North Carolinians and Americans from all states who oppose Amnesty for illegals to call Senator Tillis's DC office at 202-224-6342 and call or visit his District Offices (Info Here) to oppose his work with the Democrats to pass Amnesty on his way out the Senate door this year.

    A special ground-based operation is being launched in North Carolina where Gheen and ALIPAC will work to warn NC citizens about the Amnesty betrayal of Thom Tillis through online ads, talk radio show interviews, and efforts to speak with GOP lawmakers about this issue at the General Assembly in Raleigh, NC where William Gheen used to work as a legislative assistant, lobbyist, and assistant sgt-at-arms.

    For more information about ALIPAC's successful defeat of Amnesty legislation in DC eight times since 2004, please view the group's accomplishments (HERE) or visit to schedule interviews.

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    Representing illegal alien interests instead of American citizens. A traitor to the lives and safety of American citizens.

    Any amnesty is an open door to greater numbers and exceptions. We have seen this too many times since 1986.

    Those who receive amnesty want others to receive the same.
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