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Thread: New Illegal Immigration fighting law makes NC the new Arizona

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    New Illegal Immigration fighting law makes NC the new Arizona

    Illegal Immigration fighting law makes NC the new Arizona

    November 2, 2015

    by William Gheen

    North Carolina has become the new Arizona as our illegal immigration fighting bill HB 318 makes national news, throwing "immigrant rights" groups into a frenzy as seen in this video here (click). These illegals and their supporters need to get the message that they are not welcome in North Carolina. Our state is sending illegals a clear message to "get out"!

    Our HB 318 immigration law is similar to Arizona's historic SB 1070, but our new law the Governor signed a few days ago focuses on outlawing Sanctuary Cities, Mexican ID cards (Matricula Consular), and state contractors that hire illegals!

    Polling data shows that large majorities of Americans and legal immigrants across demographic lines of race and gender support these new measures despite the outcry from the radical La Raza (The Race) groups and other non-profits funded by government monies and billionaires like George Soros.

    Illegal immigrants, who have also been found as registered voters in NC, are chaining themselves together in front of Governor Pat McCrory's offices while calling themselves "warriors" and challenging the supporters of the bill to "bring it on." Do they appear to be in the shadows to you? Are these the friendly workers and family types the open borders lobby says "undocumented immigrants" are?

    ALIPAC is now moving to export our immigration bill to other states since the RINO republicans are helping the socialist Democrats in DC block needed legislation to shut down Sanctuary Cities which harbor illegal invaders in direct violation of America's existing immigration laws. Perhaps your state lawmakers need a copy of NC's HB 318 (click for copy) so that your state can shut down Sanctuary cities for illegals, stop illegals from using worthless Matricula cards from Mexican consulates, and stop state tax monies from going to businesses that hire illegals!

    State Contractors Must Use E-Verify To Stop Illegals from Working

    HB 318 focuses on requiring non agricultural companies that have contracts with the state of North Carolina to use the E-verify system provided by the United States Center for Immigration Services (USCIS).

    And while the Obama administration cannot be trusted to adequately screen for illegal alien workers, the system should stop some illegals from gaining employment. An unfortunate consequence of giving the federal government this kind of power is that one day down the road, Americans can also be targeted for exclusion from employment if they refuse to accept certain documentation such as biometric recordings that allow everyone to be tracked by machines and computers.

    Any person can file a complaint with the NC Commissioner of Labor, if they have solid reasons to believe that a company that does business with the state of North Carolina is hiring illegal aliens and bypassing the E-Verify system. Complaints may be filed anonymously, but will be rejected if the complaint is only based on "race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or national origin." Therefore, "I think company X is hiring illegals because they are all Mexicans" will end up in the trashcan.

    There is also a penalty for anyone trying to game or abuse the system filing false reports. Intentionally filing a false or frivolous report is a Class 2 misdemeanor that can result in fines and or imprisonment. So trying to report a company using false claims because you are angry they fired you could result in fines and jail time to the tune of around $1,000 and 30 days in the slammer.

    Businesses that are found to be in violation of the requirement to use E-Verify for employees can face fines and will be listed on a public website for all to see. The website shows which companies are hiring illegals instead of American citizens and legal immigrants.

    No Matricula Consular Cards Accepted by the State

    ALIPAC and other groups in North Carolina fighting illegal immigration have protested in places like Concord, NC, and Greenville, NC, against the Mexican Consulate's efforts to circulate as many Mexican ID cards as possible. Only illegal aliens need to use these Matricula cards so the Mexican consulate violates our laws prohibiting assistance for illegals.

    North Carolina's massive sanctuary cities like Durham and Charlotte are also trying to give illegal aliens city level forms of ID to help them remain and operate in the US illegally.

    Now that HB 318 is becoming law, no ID cards issued by the embassies of other nations will be accepted as proof of identity by any justice, judge, clerk, magistrate, law enforcement officers, or other government official. This includes the government officials at the welfare offices where a majority of America's illegal aliens (57%) steal from US taxpayers.

    HB 318 also prohibits cities and towns and these non profit groups from creating, selling, or issuing "ID cards" of any kind and thus ends their efforts to help illegals in this way. We will still welcome valid visas as proof of identity.

    No Sanctuary Cities or Counties

    Excessively liberal socialists on town and county boards are eager to create and expand new populations of state welfare dependent socialist voters. In fact, the rapid infusion of illegal immigrants into North Carolina has coincided with our state shifting from a red conservative state to a purple battleground state. If illegal immigration and hyper legal immigration continues, North Carolina will eventually shift deep blue Democrat like California, at which point illegal immigrants and their socialist backers will reign supreme over conservative Americans and any Americans loyal to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    HB 318 prohibits any city or town from ordering their police officers to not cooperate with federal law enforcement on matters of immigration.

    There is also a provision in HB 318 that instructs county health departments to no longer seek waivers to give food welfare to able bodied adults for longer than the normal amount of time.

    Illegal immigration fighting law makes NC the new Arizona

    Our national organization ALIPAC wants to bring HB 318 to all states!

    Since our federal government is currently solidly in the hands of illegal invader supporters like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McCarthy, Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham, Rubio, etc... We need our states to act and pass bills like this one.

    ALIPAC is asking for volunteers in all 50 states on our e-mail alerts to engage in the following activism efforts. One, we want volunteers to deliver as many email and printed copies of NC's HB 318 (click for copy) to state representatives in each state! Two, we want volunteers to then actively communicate with state level lawmakers asking them to file a distinctive version of HB 318 in each state. Third, we want volunteers to notify ALIPAC's leadership when such a bill is filed so we may rally supporters from across America behind the bill!

    We want to commend groups like NC Listen and NCFIRE that also fought hard to stop licenses for illegals -HB 328- legislation and pass illegal immigration control bill HB 318. We hope other national groups like NumbersUSA will also ask their activists to work to get similar legislation filed in every state possible in places like Texas and Florida where we could get a bill passed and states like California where we will be lucky to just get one filed.

    It is incumbent upon our states to protect American citizens' jobs, taxpayer resources, elections, and lives in the absence of the Federal Government honoring Article 4 of the US Constitution that says, "All states shall be protected from invasion."

    With illegal immigration now being the top issue of the 2016 election cycle for the first time in modern American history, and with North Carolina's HB 318 igniting controversy and passion on both sides of the debate coast to coast like Arizona's SB 1070 did a few years ago, the stage is set for American citizens to rise up and do whatever it takes to reclaim America from the socialists and their invaders.

    The state of North Carolina is now on point in the national battle against illegal immigration, and we want our recent victory against illegal immigrants and their employers spreading to other states rapidly with your help.

    For more information or to get involved with this effort to stop and reverse illegal immigration in America, please visit
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    Press Release

    New illegal immigration law makes NC the new AZ

    Nov 2, 2015

    Contact: William Gheen of ALIPAC,
    (866) 703-0864

    "The video we are releasing today showing illegal aliens menacing our citizens as "warriors" should serve as a warning to other states regarding the true nature of this invasion of our homeland. North Carolina is fighting back and sending a clear message to undocumented immigrants with HB 318 that illegals are not welcome here. ALIPAC activists in all states are being asked to circulate this bill to try to pass it in more states rapidly!" -- William Gheen, President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed HB 318 into law last Friday. This new bill stops counties and cities from becoming Sanctuary Cities for illegal aliens, prevents government employees from accepting Matricula Consular cards that only illegal aliens need to use, and stops state contractors from hiring illegal workers.

    ALIPAC was instrumental in the passage of HB 318 and fought to successfully stop the illegal alien license bill HB 328 from passing

    For more information watch and read...

    illegal invader warriors threaten NC HB 318

    ALIPAC Exclusive Article
    Illegal Immigration fighting law makes NC the new Arizona

    Copy of HB 318
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