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    Non-citizen & illegal alien voter documentation list grows to 66 examples

    Non-citizen & illegal alien voter documentation list grows to 66 examples

    For National Release | December 15, 2020

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    The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ( documentation list of non-citizen and illegal alien voters in America (View) grew again today to 66 examples proving that illegal foreign voters are a massive problem in US elections.

    The latest addition to the list is the December 7, 2020, Washington Examiner article by journalist Paul Bedard reporting the findings of the Immigration Reform Law Institute's recent study, which uncovered examples of noncitizens, including illegal immigrants, in the voter and jurist lists in Charlotte, North Carolina, and other key areas dating back to 2012.

    The executive director and general counsel of IRLI, Dale L. Wilcox, said, “it is evidence of the larger crisis of noncitizen voting on the national level. Every vote by a legal or illegal alien cancels out the vote of an American citizen. It is a violation of the core principles of our constitutional republic. If we, as a nation, cannot remedy the problem of election fraud, then we have surrendered the right to choose our representatives and will instead live under the permanent rule of unaccountable political elites.”

    This new documented example is now #66 at...

    Evidence of Non-Citizens Voting In US Elections Collection Point

    "The biggest threats of foreign influence on US elections and election fraud and tampering are coming from widespread non-citizen and illegal alien voters and Silicon Valley censorship of conservatives, both of which aid the Democratic Party," said William Gheen, spokesperson for ALIPAC. "This massive election fraud effort is protected by Silicon Valley corporations like Facebook, Twitter, and Google/Youtube where it is now against the rules to say the election outcome was the result of their voter fraud and censorship."

    At the time of this release, ALIPAC's list of examples of non-citizens voting in America has been viewed more than 69,255 times despite the intense censorship being focused on suppressing ALIPAC's messages and content.

    For more information about how Democrats stole the 2020 Presidential election and many other races over the last decade using Big Tech censorship and illegal alien voters, please visit and support

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