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    Our Battle Plan To Defeat Amnesty and Illegal Immigrants in the 2012 Elections

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We are in emergency mode and will stay in this mode through the elections or until we crash, it is up to you. Please read every detail of our battle plan below divided into the sections of FUNDING, CAMPAIGNS, VOLUNTEERS, and CIVIL UNREST THREATS.

    We are not going down without a fight, and we are still in position where we can defeat Amnesty for illegal aliens which will be decided on Election Day 2012, about 18 days from now.

    If you are receiving our messages, we need you on board with our political battle plans.

    At current levels, ALIPAC will not make it to Election Day. We need to complete our mission for the elections. If we can raise another $5,000 towards our goal we can at least assure our operations will surpass Nov 6. Our volunteers are working hard on the letters going out soon to our donors.

    We need some of the more than 60,000 of you receiving these communications from us to step up and join the few thousands that have been paying the bills for you to fight illegal immigration. Our ALIPAC donors have been carrying things forward and need more support from those of you that enjoy our free activism alerts and numerous online websites and services in the fight against illegal immigration.

    Please help us secure our campaign and volunteer support efforts through Election Day by making a donation online today at ...

    Personal Check Donations to...

    PO Box 30966
    Raleigh, NC 27622

    We must work together to bring the attention level to the Congressional races. While we are in little position to affect the Presidential race more than we already have through our public education campaigns about Amnesty Gate, Fast and Furious, and other Obama scandals, we can make the difference in Congressional battles.

    Getting our activists focused on the Congressional races is vital to defeating Amnesty for illegals in the elections.

    If you have not already volunteered for or donated to the nearest endorsed ALIPAC candidate, please review the list and deploy soon.

    ALIPAC Candidates

    If you are in Montana or Maryland, critical battles that will affect what happens with the illegal immigration invasion in your state and many others need to be a high priority. Please follow our instructions at this link and join the small army of volunteers fighting for our cause intensely. We need to win in Montana and Maryland in 18 days and right now that is unlikely to happen unless more people focus and get involved.

    Montana and Maryland

    If you are already volunteering on one of our endorsed campaigns, please consider sending occasional email reports to

    Hearing from our national network of volunteers helps us to help others. How is your campaign going? What do they have you working on? How do you feel about your candidate's chances of winning? Is the district redrawn in a way to harm our candidate's chances? Are you experiencing security threats such as sign damage, property damage, online threats, or menacing behavior from illegal alien or Obama supporters?

    ALIPAC activists will be ready to assist you by phone, email, or in our online forums 24/7 for the next 18 days. Please call on us for help and guidance, and please send us reports of your operational status during the 2012 campaign volunteer deployment.

    By now many of you have read the reports of threats by Obama supporters to riot if Obama loses, of the damaged campaign offices, and of the destroyed and desecrated campaign signs. We plan to use our ALIPAC network and resources to be the first to detect any civil unrest involving the elections. We will send you more details and activist instructions soon detailing how you can be the first to know and receive accurate information during numerous security scenarios.

    ALIPAC has been the first to deliver important news to you many times. We can work together with our national network to make sure you receive any information you need to protect your families and campaigns from potential problems.

    Let's all pull together and get our candidates and ALIPAC the support we need to win against illegal immigration in the 2012 elections!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: We have currently raised $7,000 of the $30,000 we need to continue operations. Please take a few moments to chip in now via...

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    Pleae give what you can. Never give up!! Never surrender!! This a battle worth winning.

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