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    Our war against RINOS & Socialists

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    We only have a few days before the end of May when major bills for our national operations and campaign ads come due! Please consider helping us and sending me to Alabama for the June 21 run-off to bring more national attention to border hawk Mo Brooks Vs. McConnell backed RINO Katie Britt!

    With all of our ALIPAC Endorsed candidates advancing past the first round of primaries over the last two weeks, we know that our national organization's positions on immigration issues are aligned with the American public, especially GOP primary voters.

    Last Tuesday, in Coweta County, Georgia, GOP Primary voters were asked, “According to federal government statistics, the U.S. adds over 1,000,000 new legal immigrants a year on average. Should that number be reduced to 500,000 or less?” With more than 25,000 votes cast in the county, more than 78 percent of GOP primary voters said they want legal immigration cut at least in half. Just 22 percent said they did not want to see legal immigration reduced! (View Source)

    Please make an effort to distribute this report in Breitbart to every GOP candidate running in your area or state rapidly!

    That is why ALIPAC's campaign ad opposing AL GOP primary candidate Mike Durant's leaked video statement advocating more green cards and foreign workers had a significant impact with a small budget! Those of you who helped as donors and volunteers made a big difference in earning Mo Brooks a position in the run-off election.

    We have very little time to prepare for our next battles against Democrat socialists and RINOs backed by the DC Swamp, who seek to deprive Americans of a choice on immigration and many other issues.

    Please take the following steps to help us rally to preserve our momentum as Americans like us march forward for sweeping changes in the 2022 elections to put America back on the right course. Together, we can restore civilian control over the RINOs and Socialists running the DC Swamp!

    Step 1: We have big bills coming due before May ends to pay for our operations and the ads we ran in five states supporting good candidates. We need a big response from you to help us quickly raise funds to stabilize and refuel our operations at...

    Step 2: Almost every DC Swamp power that supports open borders, illegal immigration, and increased foreign labor (Like Mitch McConnell and the US Chamber of Commerce) is pumping money into their RINO candidate Katie Britt in Alabama. If Britt wins against Mo, you can expect to watch her vote with the socialist Democrats on many issues. Our top leader in the national movement against illegal immigration and against Amnesty... Mo Brooks faces Britt in a June 21 run-off.

    Mo Brooks needs donations and volunteers from across America!

    Please use some time over this holiday weekend to rally to us and rally more Americans as our movement gains steam and momentum!

    William Gheen
    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
    (919) 787-6009

    PS: If you prefer to mail in contributions, please send to ALIPAC, PO Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622, and use our printable mail-in donation form at...
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