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Thread: Poll: 67% of Voters Want Illegals Deported

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    Poll: 67% of Voters Want Illegals Deported

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    The primary season and 2024 elections are right around the corner and kick off in a few days, and a new Fox News poll, which is consistent with our large collection of surveys and polls (HERE) gives us and our candidates the right information we need to win and protect America!

    67% of US Voters want deportation for illegal alien invaders, which is also what our current laws and Constitution require!

    64% want strong financial penalties for businesses that willingly hire illegals!

    More info and sharable links at...

    This means more than 2/3 of American voters want DEPORTATION, not licenses nor in-state tuition, not voting rights, jobs and taxpayer benefits, nor comprehensive immigration reform, or DACA Amnesty for illegal alien invaders!

    ALIPAC's motto is "illegals go home!" because it is the only thing that will turn off the unprecedented influx of invaders!

    We hope you are ready to wade into the 2024 battle with us and this powerful information as we work to reflect the Vox Populi! (Voice of the People).

    William Gheen

    PS: Please help us raise the $500 match we need to financially make it into 2024 with your last chance to donate in 2023 at...

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