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Thread: Projected Crash: 72 hours to turn around

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    Projected Crash: 72 hours to turn around

    We have done our very best to reach you, organize you, get you in our networks, and lead the fight. But now we need your help to raise 4k in 72 hours or we are OUT! Current projections put us on course to crash unless we can convince more of you among the 50,000 receiving our emails and half a million signed up for our social media pages to respond! (see details below)

    "Yes, I want ALIPAC to return to the fight against illegal immigration and amnesty at this critical time and my support is on the way at..."

    The good news is that all of ALIPAC's hard work fighting illegal immigration has been vindicated by new polling data we are adding to our "real polls" collection. We have worked very hard to organize you into action and we now have even more evidence that shows you are among the 92% of Americans who say illegal immigration is a problem and the 77% who consider it a serious problem. We have added the details to our list for your use at...

    The bad news is that despite our numerous warnings and appeals, we have raised only $11,050 of the minimum of $15,000 we must raise by midnight this Friday night, Sept 25! That is only 72 hours away and at the current rate of contributions we are on course to crash and burn coming in a few thousand short, which would put us in a position where we are unable to reach out to our existing donors by mail, unable to make the second funds deadline of Oct 25, unable to return to our efforts to influence elections, legislation, and policies, and forcing us to announce a permanent closure date in mid October.

    It appears that having illegal immigration rise to the top issue in America right on top of the 2016 election cycle with unprecedented polling readings we have fought to achieve for 11 years does not equate into improved financial support!

    Please rally to us, Americans! We are the only PAC fighting on this issue and we are the only ones that have the entire targeting list for the lawmakers who need to be removed because they are supporting Obama's dictates and the illegal alien invasion!

    We do not rely on mass fund raising techniques where your data is shared or rented out! We are the most affordable and efficient national group fighting on this issue, and require less funds for our contributions to the fight by existing on a budget that is fractions of other immigration oriented groups.

    We are so thankful for those of you who have sacrificed to fund our fight to this point and so happy to see so many new people sign up in the last few weeks, but we must have your help right away at...
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    So discouraging to finally see illegal immigration at the top of the list of things people are concerned about, yet ALIPAC can't bring in enough money to keep the servers running! W fights so hard for us on this issue, yet we force him to beg for the little bit of money that keeps ALIPAC running. I know money is tight for many of us, but it comes down to this: Is this issue important to you or not? Every little bit helps!
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    I have personally invested over $400.00 since late August 2015 towards the cause. Please, if you can help, do so.
    William Gheen and his administration is our conduit to US representatives. ALIPAC provides a collective voice that should not be silenced. Food travel and lodging do cost money. It's the way the world works. And their rung dry, bare bones budget is evident of the passion and dedication that this organization has in order to continue to let our beliefs be imposed upon those that threaten our culture and way of life.
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