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Thread: Push them Back with your calls against amnesty

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    Push them Back with your calls against amnesty

    We are asking that everyone reading this special alert against amnesty make at least 5 calls to DC Lawmakers today!

    Please make more if you can. There is growing evidence we may be forcing the traitors in DC trying to push an 800+ page Amnesty bill through before proper public discourse back on their timeline. If we can stop them from rushing a vote, we can kill this bill!

    The fact that the new gun law bill just failed in the US Senate is a good sign for us as is sellout Senator Marco Rubio's recent change in tune on the timing of the bill on the Mark Levin Show (Click here to hear).

    Take action now! Keep it short and simple.

    Call, then write, as many of their offices as you can with the following message.

    "I am calling to tell _______ that I am very upset the US Senate's "Gang of 8" filed an 844 page bill at 3am in the morning like a bunch of villains in the night and now want to rush it to a vote without amendments. There should be plenty of hearings on this bill, and plenty of time for people to read, understand, and debate such an important bill. Amendments should also be allowed to the bill S 744 and there should be no form of amnesty or legalization for illegal immigrants in America! I want _____ to slow down or stop the illegal alien amnesty bill S 744!"

    Remember to craft your own distinct version of our sample message and to personalize it for each lawmaker.

    Keep trying those busy DC phone lines and remember....


    Here are the numbers you need. Hit them hard today!

    US Senate Contact Info

    US House Contact Info

    We hope to have more specific targets for you to focus on soon. For now, call and write as many on these lists as you can!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Here are the links you can use to read the bill for yourself...

    if that link does not work for you try this one...
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    Working on it W.

    Also, informed a room full of out of work twenty somethings last night and was promised they would work along with us today as well. They couldn't believe some of the crap in this bill.
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