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Thread: Rep. King & Teddy Daniels lost their races

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    Rep. King & Teddy Daniels lost their races

    While last month our ALIPAC endorsed candidates won and advanced in their races, this week did not go our way.

    Special thanks to each of you who voted for, contributed to, or volunteered for Rep. Steve King's campaign in Iowa and Teddy Daniels' campaign in Pennsylvania at our request.

    We regret to inform everyone that the DC Swamp has won, and after spending somewhere near a million dollars from the RINO Republicans and US Chamber of Commerce, they have defeated Rep. King, who trailed his main rival state Sen. Randy Feenstra by 7,866 votes, or 45.7 percent to 35.9 percent.

    With all that US Chamber of Commerce money spent to defeat King, Feenstra is now beholden to them and can be expected to vote for more foreign workers, Amnesty for illegals, or whatever else the Chamber wants.

    These power groups will also go around Congress using the defeat of Rep. Steve King to menace and influence other lawmakers, so it is unlikely we will be seeing very many members being vocal against illegal immigration or Amnesty any time soon after this defeat.

    We can assume they have already contacted other incumbents we endorse and support at ALIPAC to warn them they are next if they don't start playing ball with the open-borders faction.

    Losing Rep. Steve King is a critical blow to our organization and our entire movement. NumbersUSA had King listed as the top lawmaker opposing foreign labor, Amnesty, and illegals.

    Many of the great things Steve King did to fight the powers destroying America will be archived here at as long as we continue to exist at--

    In Pennsylvania, our candidate and Angel family member Teddy Daniels is not conceding the very close race until thousands of absentee ballots are counted, but his opponent Jim Bognet is declaring victory.

    We accurately warned everyone that this could be a very close race.

    The current ballot count is Bognet — 13,632, Daniels — 12,279.

    Teddy Daniels has posted a full statement on this matter on his Facebook page. (Click HERE TO View)

    We would like to thank both of these candidates for their strong stances against illegal immigration and Amnesty. We wish we could have done more to help them.

    Both of our ALIPAC candidates appear to have lost this past Tuesday. We must mourn and move on.

    The illegal alien backing groups and liars in the media are jubilant and celebrating our defeats this weekend.

    The ALIPAC Volunteer Team
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