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    Seize this momentum to shame Dem Amnesty backers

    The Senate Parliamentarian doing the right thing and ruling against underhanded Democrat efforts to give Amnesty to more than eight million illegal aliens in the budget bill is a major blow against the globalists!

    Today, we need you to help us seize upon our brief momentum before they can regroup by taking the 3 important activism steps below!

    It is vital that large volumes of calls go into the Democrat Senators' offices appropriately, firmly, and professionally rubbing their noses in their failed attempt to sully the rules of the Senate. We also need to thank the parliamentarian for standing up for what is right.

    Step 1 Thank MacDonough:

    Email Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough a short, polite, and professional thank you note ( for doing the right thing by enforcing the Senate rules to prevent Democrats from including unrelated things like Amnesty in the budget bill. MacDonough is probably facing major pressure from the Democrats today and would probably appreciate your thanks and encouragement at...

    Please read, utilize as your example, and share our national press release thanking MacDonough at (can also be used for Step 3)...

    Step 2: Make calls to shame every Democrat in the US Senate for supporting this budget Amnesty plot starting with Sen Schumer. Start with the Democrat Senators for your own state or near you, then fan out. Call all 50 Dem Senators if you can.

    "I'm calling to tell Democrat Senator ______ how shameful it is that the Senate Parliamentarian had to state the obvious that his/her underhanded and unscrupulous plan to violate the rules by putting Amnesty for illegals in the budget bill was wrong. Shame on Senator _______ for supporting Amnesty for illegal aliens and double shame on Senator _________ for trying to break the rules of the Senate to help invaders."

    Senate Contact Info / Switchboard (202) 224-3121

    Step 3: Shout it from the rooftops! We need you to make sure as many Americans as possible learn of this decision by the Senate Parliamentarian and ALIPAC's role in the important decision.

    You can share this activism call to action here...

    You can share articles about this decision here...

    And you can share our press release in Step 1 or visit any of our social media pages (HERE). All of these materials can be shared by email and text message as well.

    Please reply to this email at to let us know you are swinging into action. Don't let this critical moment and important win go to waste; otherwise, they will have us all playing deep defense again soon.

    The ALIPAC Team
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