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    Situation Critical: Rally Against Amnesty today! We need you!

    Warning Amnesty opponents. We just checked our accounts, and ALIPAC currently has less than $100 left to work with!

    Please take a few minutes to stabilize and fuel our operations against tomorrow's Amnesty vote. (DONATE HERE)

    The US House is expected to vote on a massive Amnesty bill, HR 5038 tomorrow, and the illegal alien supporters are expected to win this major battle unless we can get more Americans moving today in these final 24 hours!

    If you are not taking action with us because you are distracted by other issues, or you have a belief that in the Senate or Executive Branch will save you from this Amnesty, please do not think that way.


    1. Please support and fuel ALIPAC's efforts to stop nation-destroying Amnesty for illegals by making a contribution to stabilize our accounts and help us meet the Holiday demand for us to fight against the tens of millions being spent to pass Amnesty in DC at...

    2. Read, comment, and share far and wide our first article on this issue to alert more Americans to this fight via...

    3. Call your member of Congress now! Tell them that it is shameful that Congress is trying to pass an Amnesty for illegals with HR 5038 right on top of the impeachment and holidays!

    Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121

    If you can spare time to call more Dem and GOP members of Congress to oppose HR 5038 in these final 24 hours before the vote, please use the contact info at...

    PS: Please help ALIPAC fight to the best of our abilities by stabilizing our accounts and giving us the funds we need to work with against HR 5038 at...
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