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    Stop The Budget Reconciliation Amnesty plot in DC

    -->> Call DC Senators with us now and share this call to action at, or by email, and by finding our ALIPAC/William Gheen social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, GAB, LinkedIn, Minds, Slug, Brighteon, Clouthub, and MeWe. <<--

    The globalist powers pumping illegals into America to displace and replace American-born and legal immigrant citizens are now aware of our huge backlash coming for them in the 2022 elections.

    They also know that our activism and lobbying campaigns are preventing them from getting the 10 GOP Senator votes they need to pass an Amnesty bill up to Biden using normal and proper Senate procedures.

    They know their time is running out to pass Amnesty 2021, and our DC sources tell us their current plans are to either insert Amnesty into the infrastructure bill and/or use a process called "budget reconciliation" to pass Amnesty with only 50 votes in the Senate.

    What we/you do now will determine our nation's fate over the next few weeks.

    Take Action Now

    1. Call every US Senator from your state and adjacent states regardless of party to say...

    "I am adamantly opposed to Senator _____ allowing Amnesty for illegal aliens to be put into an unrelated bill like the infrastructure bill or to be considered or passed through budget reconciliation. The American public is going to throw any lawmaker who supports or uses slimy tactics to pass Amnesty out of office in the next elections."

    Contact Info for US Senate (Call, call, call then write as many as you can starting with your home state)

    2. Search for and bring in more news, articles, reports, and alerts about Amnesty 2021 and the budget reconciliation plot and post those materials at with tags. Search our site too and use the social and email share features to distribute.

    3. Support our current funds drive to make sure we can do our best to Stop Amnesty 2021 at

    Let's roll ALIPACers!

    PS: We are pleased to see that more groups are now mobilizing their activists to take up this effort. We need you to fully mobilize and remember many others across America fighting on your side and making these calls now. It remains to be seen if we can generate a large enough response to win and defeat Amnesty in DC again in 2021.
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