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Thread: Plot to pass Amnesty & budget pushed back to Dec 22

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    Plot to pass Amnesty & budget pushed back to Dec 22

    Today you can help our fight to stop Amnesty 2017 by taking the following steps.

    Circulate this article and hit the 34 Kate's List targets on Facebook! Calls are still needed, and we need to focus on their Facebook pages since more than 80% of you use Facebook.

    Visit this new article breaking press about ALIPAC's Kate's List and read it, make supportive comments, share it by email, post links in on other websites, and share it by Facebook, Twitter, GAB, etc... We also need people to print copies of this article and send to ALL REPUBLICANS IN DC! ALIPAC cannot afford to mail it to them, so we need our supporters to mail in as many hard copies as possible!


    Share this article by e-mail, printed letters, or on (Facebook HERE) ... (Twitter HERE) ... (GAB HERE) ... (LinkedIn HERE)

    BIG LIST of GOP lawmakers who want to save Obama's amnesty

    34 demand provision for 'dreamers' by Christmas

    ALIPAC Briefing

    Yesterday, congressional leaders Ryan, McConnell, Pelosi, and Schumer met with President Trump at the White House, and they agreed to pass a continuing resolution to kick the budget vote back closer to Christmas. Now the vote on the big stuff is expected on or around December 22!

    This is bad news folks for many reasons.... 1. This means diligent Americans like us have to fight right up till Christmas and 2. They are positioning their votes right on top of Christmas where they expect public apathy will be highest and public attention will be lowest!

    This means they are trying to use Christmas to cover up and conceal their dirty deeds including the agreement they are working on for McConnell and Ryan to lead a narrow band of Republican lawmakers over to vote with most Democrats to pass DACA Amnesty into law in 2017!

    Sorry for the bad news ALIPAC activists, but it appears we will have to keep fighting right up until Christmas and if the illegals win their Amnesty it will be a very sad time for American defenders like us and if we win the illegals are very likely to lash out and throw a destructive crime-ridden fit for Christmas.

    Let's roll ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

    PS: Big welcome to the hundreds of new subscribers that have joined us at in the last 48 hours! We are so thankful for your participation and support.

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    Great suggestions to reach fellow Americans with this news and to share "Kate's List" of the 34 lawmakers now set to vote for amnesty legislation. These politicians must be challenged for choosing to protect illegal aliens and not the lives and jobs of American citizens.

    Plan to make copies and mail to lawmakers offices (Washington and district).
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