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    Survey: Do you want 3 million more illegals?

    ALIPAC survey Question (Please reply with your answer to

    Do you want Biden/Harris to dump another 3 million illegal aliens into America over the next two years?

    1. Yes (Take No Action)

    2. No (take the following actions)

    A. (Free) Get a sample ballot for your state's primary and research every candidate's race from US Senate down to school board and Sheriff. Use your phone and/or computer to research and separate the good from the bad and once you know, magnify your vote with neighbors and family members. Use ALIPAC's Endorsement list to find the best federal candidates to support and our Cantor List to find GOP Amnesty backing traitors to avoid voting for at all costs.

    B. (Free) You may notice many of you do not have hardly any ALIPAC Endorsed (View) candidates in your area to support. Please locate the ones closest to you and offer to help as donors and volunteers. If you would like to see more candidates screened, endorsed, and informed about illegal non-citizen voters, then please use this link to send every federal candidate in your area our survey. (We've made it easy for you to share by email, copy and paste into websites, social media, text messages)

    ALIPAC's 2022 Federal Candidate Pledge & Survey

    C. ($10+) We are about to have to stop operations and pull over to the side of the road due to low funding. We are fighting hard to try to keep our operations going, get our endorsements made, candidates screened and rallied....

    But please folks, we need more help. If you don't want Biden/Harris dumping another 3 million into America, please help us with at least $10 (which anyone who can afford a phone and internet service can afford) via our secure page at...

    These 2022 mid-terms are America's last chance to turn things around before there will be too many imported foreign voters for Americans to overcome.
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