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    Target VA Reps In Final Moments Before Amnesty Vote

    New Special Strategy to Add To your Activism Calls to DC
    Callers from all 50 US States, please call 11 VA Reps immediately!

    The Democrats know they must vote today (possibly Fri) on the disastrous Build Back Better HR 5376 bill containing Amnesty and payouts for millions of illegal alien invaders, or lawmakers will begin to leave for home for the Thanksgiving break.

    Pushing back their timeline closer to the elections favors our cause of stopping Amnesty 2021!

    Please keep up your calls and our distinct targeted messages opposing the bill to ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS (HERE) and GOP LAWMAKERS (HERE) and vulnerable DEM INCUMBENTS (HERE)

    ... and deploy our new final strategy for the week. Place this message into the offices where it has the strongest chance of persuading VA incumbents away from the bill.

    TARGET Virginia Reps With This Special Message Designed to Defeat Amnesty

    "I'm calling to remind Rep. __________ that if he/she votes for the outrageous Build Back Better Act HR 5376, which contains Amnesty and payments for illegal aliens, he/she is going to suffer a massive defeat in 2022 just like Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe did! Governor Terry McAuliffe lost because he was out of touch with Virginia voters and I hope that Rep. _________ is not out of touch enough to vote for the despicable BBB Amnesty this week."

    Call to speak to staff and leave messages for...

    VA Dist 1: GOP Rep. Robert Whittman (202) 225-4261
    VA Dist 2: DEM Rep Elain Luria (202) 225-4215
    VA Dist 3: DEM Rep Robert Scott (202) 225-8351
    VA Dist 4: DEM Rep Donald McEachin (202) 225-6365
    VA Dist 5: GOP Rep Bob Good (202) 225-4711
    VA Dist 6: GOP Rep Ben Cline (202) 225-5431
    VA Dist 7: DEM Rep Abigail Spanberger (202) 225-2815
    VA Dist 8: DEM Rep Don Beyer (202) 225-4376
    VA Dist 9: GOP Rep Morgan Griffith (202) 225-3861
    VA Dist 10: DEM Rep Jennifer Wexton (202) 225-5136
    VA Dist 11: DEM Rep Gerry Connolley (202) 225-1492

    Comment and Share this call to action far and wide by email, text messages, and numerous social media options at...
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