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Thread: Tell AG Jeff Sessions No Deal on DACA Amnesty for illegals

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    Tell AG Jeff Sessions No Deal on DACA Amnesty for illegals

    Make the call and then (Share on ..... (Share on Facebook)...... (Share on Twitter) to rally others!

    There are news reports (View) claiming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is open to a deal on Amnesty for DACA Dreamer illegal aliens in return for more hollow promises of immigration enforcement measures!

    Our ALIPAC activists need to once again take steps to get someone on our side of these issues back into the anti-Amnesty fold! Your calls and written correspondence have already reigned in some of those on our side that are being heavily pressured by DC special interests to support their plan to pass DACA Dreamer Amnesty by the end of 2017! WE HAVE STOPPED AMNESTY LEGISLATION BEFORE, AND TOGETHER WE CAN STOP THEM AGAIN!

    Take action today and tomorrow by....

    1. Calling the offices of Jeff Sessions to say "No Deal on DACA Amnesty! DACA is unconstitutional. DACA attracts more illegal aliens into America. DACA further undermines our existing borders and laws. We don't believe any new immigration laws in exchange for Amnesty can be trusted because the 1986 Amnesty deal enforcement measures never materialized, but the Amnesty did! Prior Amnesty bills have contained language allowing all enforcement measures to be waived and we currently live in a nation where illegal aliens have very little to fear from our current laws or law enforcers! Tell Jeff Sessions no Deal on DACA Amnesty!"


    2. Follow up your personalized and distinctive message opposing any deal on DACA Amnesty to Sessions in writing only on online on Twitter (CLICK HERE) at ALIPAC (CLICK HERE) WE COULD NOT LOCATE A FACEBOOK PAGE FOR SESSIONS.

    Via webform at the AG website...

    and by Mail to

    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Help us mount thousands of calls flooding into the US Attorney General offices immediately by making this call and then asking others to do the same to help us!

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team

    Please support ALIPAC's efforts to support federal candidates that oppose both illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals by donating at..
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