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    Tell Congress To Stop More Immigration Related Terrorism

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    The Boston bombing is a terrible new story of how more Americans have been killed by those who came from outside of our nation into our midst to harm us.

    How many thousands of times have we seen this story repeated over and over again within the archives?

    How many Americans are now dead because of our government's failure to adequately enforce our existing border and immigration laws and failure to protect all states from invasion as enumerated in the US Constitution?

    Today, we hope you will help us call on Congress to change their focus away from amnesty for illegal immigrants and to providing more security for American citizens from more immigration law related terrorism like the Boston Bombers.

    Step 1: Please read, understand, and utilize the language you find in ALIPAC's national press release going out this morning. When you contact Congress or speak out online on forums and social media, or when you call in to a talk radio show, we want you to go after "immigration law related terrorism".

    Please send copies of this release to local and federal lawmakers and media with us.

    Congress Should Change Focus To Prevent More Immigration Law Related Terrorism

    Step 2: Pick up your phones and contact your member of Congress and both of your US Senators first.

    Tell them: "I want you to focus more on protecting Americans from those coming into our nation to harm us instead of focusing on helping illegal immigrants stay through Amnesty!"

    Tell them: "I want you to strengthen America's immigration laws and enforcement to prevent any more immigration law related terrorism attacks like 9/11, the DC Sniper Attacks, the Fort Hood shooter, the Boston Bombers." and...

    Ask them: "How many more Americans must die at the hands of illegal immigrants and hostile immigrants before you will secure our borders?!?!?!"

    Step 3: Then deliver these messages by phone, followed by written copy to as many US Senate

    and US House

    offices as you can spare the time to call at random.

    These are powerful new messages that will have a strong impact on staff and lawmakers if enough of you heed our call to deliver these sentiments to Congress and the media by the thousands today!

    Let's shut down Amnesty today by lighting up those phone lines with these concerns today!

    Let's Roll, ALIPACers!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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