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Thread: Triggered Park Ranger Tried To Shut Down Event & Cameras at White House on June 8

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    Triggered Park Ranger Tried To Shut Down Event & Cameras at White House on June 8

    Triggered Park Ranger Tries To Shut Down Event, Cameras, & free speech at White House rally on June 8

    For National Release | June 13, 2019

    Share this release & video by email and at (ALIPAC HERE) .. (FACEBOOK HERE) .. (TWITTER HERE) .. (GAB HERE)

    Months of planning and effort to present 14 speakers who voted for Trump but are now terribly disappointed by his failures, inaction, and reversals on immigration issue campaign promises almost came to full halt when a triggered park ranger told the group she was pulling Raymond Herrera's permit to protest in front of the White House on June 8 and summoning law enforcement to remove those at the demonstration.

    When organizers for the Stand Up America and Stop Illegal Immigration Rally arrived at Lafayette Square around 11am on June 8, a female park ranger confronted William Gheen of ALIPAC and told him his canvas cart, canvas cooler containing bottled water, and sound system were all "structures" not allowed in the park. Gheen sent the materials back to the hotel with a volunteer while agreeing to keep the microphone and amplifier at the event, but off of the ground.

    The angry ranger then came to the demonstration location and insisted no tripods be used. When a person in the crowd started to argue with the angry ranger, William Gheen asked that gentleman five times to stop arguing with park staff and law enforcement. That is when the triggered ranger who was trying to do all she could to cancel the event told Gheen that even the permit holder had no power to remove anyone from the event.

    When permit holder Raymond Herrera spoke with her, he asked her why she was yelling at him and she announced, "I'm going to get law enforcement to deal with you and I'm pulling your permit!" as she stormed off!

    She then returned with another female officer in a blue shirt who began telling media and activists they could not video tape or record any of the event at all!

    That is when Raymond Herrera went and asked DC Metro SWAT officer Jack Eddington to come over to the event. Eddington was cool and calm and diffused the situation, preventing the triggered park ranger from shutting down the rally without just cause.
    Officer Eddington presented different information, informing protesters they could remove anyone who interfered with the event, and the angry park ranger tempered her reactions after Eddington appeared on the scene.

    Video journalist Ford Fischer of News 2 Share captured the triggered park ranger misinforming him and others about their rights to film and released that video on social media (View Here). After accosting Ford, the triggered ranger then tried to dissuade Paulina Leonovich of Ruptly from filming the event too!

    You can also view the entire event, which almost did not happen, including the triggered park ranger acting calmer in front of officer Eddington but still trying to shut down cameras in the full video at marker (1:45).

    Journalist Ford Fischer's full video of the event the park ranger came very close to shutting down is viewable at--


    Sequence of Events

    Officer tries to shut down video journalist Ford Fischer 1:45


    Wes Parker of We The People, America 2:00
    William Gheen of ALIPAC 8:00
    Virginia Kreiger of Angel Families 32:05
    Hessie Harris Help Help Save Maryland 47:10
    Shakil Hamid of Help Save Maryland 1:02:15
    Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers 1:05:50
    Couy Griffin of Cowboys for Trump 1:13:05
    Leo Portugal of Cowboys for Trump 1:20:50
    Raymond Herrera of
    We The People, America 1:25:55

    Angel Family member Jeanne Reid, whose brother was killed by an illegal alien, Johsie Cruz Candidate for Congress (R-GA/4) & Latinos for Trump of Georgia, and Carlos Alfredo Torres Latinos for Trump of Georgia appear in separate videos.


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    Over TWO years later with Trump...the unrelenting invasion and destruction of our communities continues with UNFETTERED illegal aliens storming across our border in the hundreds of thousands AND the failed refugee, asylum, TPS and several hundred programs flying them in here, on OUR dime, and forcing us to pay for them!

    This is sickening, this is outrages, this needs to end now and be reversed 100%!

    They are costing us BILLIONS of dollars, they are net loss to our country, they are destroying OUR lives!

    Deport them all!

    No Amnesty #8
    No Dream Act
    No Asylum
    No Refugees
    No TPS
    No UAC's
    No Birthright Citizenship
    No DACA...deport them with their DAPA parents
    No School
    No Healthcare
    No Free Stuff!!!
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    There's always people protesting in that park and in front of the WH fence without a permit. What type of WHACKJOB was this women? Like she's never seen a group of people protest in that park before, let alone with a permit? GET REAL!!!!! She works there. I watched a protest in basically that same exact spot in front of the WH in that park last Aug. 2018 on an internet stream, and they had a PA system and about 1000/2000 cops protecting them. Funny how this screwball women just came out of nowhere and tried to deny you folks your right to be there and conduct your event when you had a permit.
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    I witnessed this woman being so rude to the ALIPAC protesters and she was awful! I could not believe she treated us so badly! i think she was more than likely an illegal alien supporter or she would not have given William and the other protesters such a hard time.
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