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    Triple Amnesty Threat

    The elites are trying to sneak an Amnesty for millions of illegals into law now before the November elections weaken their hold on DC! Please review, utilize, and share the three documented items below.

    ALIPAC is fighting hard to raise the funds we need to return to the battlefield by next week, and we need your help to do that. If you want ALIPAC to deploy next week against this new Triple Amnesty Threat, please have your donation matched and doubled today at...

    Triple Amnesty Threat info (If any of these Amnesties make it into law, the war to save America from the illegal immigration invasion and overthrow of our Republic will be over, and the invaders will win)

    Help us mobilize.

    Republicans Negotiate with Democrats on Illegal Alien Farmworker Amnesty

    Type of Amnesty hidden in NDAA headed to Senate

    Democrats to Unveil Amnesty for Illegal Aliens as Inflation Slashes Americans’ Wages

    We must have your support to fight onward next week! If you are willing to stand up against Amnesty, send in your contribution of $10 or more to be doubled by one of our sponsors at...

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