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    Twitter responses to McCarthy's debt deal are priceless!

    June 1, 2023

    Check out these Twitter reactions and add your own for lawmakers, staff, and media to see. We could not find a good list of GOP Reps who voted for and against the McCarthy Biden debt deal so we make one for you at this link...

    ALIPAC encourages members of the media, lawmakers, candidates, and staff to take a close look at the recent responses to McCarthy's boasting about his debt-ceiling deal with Biden on Twitter.

    It appears more Democrats than Republicans just voted to get rid of any debt ceiling until Jan 2025, not raise it to a specific level.

    "Last night, Speaker McCarthy made it clear he is willing to value Democrats more than his own Republican caucus! 1. There is a clause in the debt bill that allows the Democrats to ignore all of those conditions. 2. A GOP Speaker should never pass bills voted for by more Democrats than members of his own Republican caucus!" -- William Gheen of ALIPAC.

    Twitter Reactions to McCarthy

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