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Thread: Two Days Till Conference: 7 Days Till Amnesty for Illegals Begins

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    Two Days Till Conference: 7 Days Till Amnesty for Illegals Begins

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    August 15 is rapidly approaching and on this day the Obama administration will officially start handing out work permits to illegal aliens for $465. Any illegal alien willing to simply lie and say they were brought to America when young will qualify. Some initial estimates indicate the first wave could be as high as 1.8 million.

    If you have not been directly negatively impacted by illegal immigration and open borders yet through job loss, decreased wages, increased higher local taxes, loss of neighborhood security, degraded healthcare and educational resources, drug addiction, infectious disease, or violent assault or death of a loved one, your chances of direct impact will be increasing very soon. Our border patrol agents are saying this renegade Amnesty move by Obama is going to bring a new flood of drugs and violence to American streets!

    Next week we are going to need your help as we launch a new wave of calls and activism to do our best to stop the Obama Decreed Amnesty that bypasses Congress, the public, the elections, existing federal laws, and the US Constitution to energize Obama's illegal alien voters who plan to steal the 2012 elections to a greater degree than their theft of votes in 2010.

    We are 2 days away from the start of an historic conference in Wilmington, NC, which we hope will inspire more people to get involved with our struggle and others to hold more meetings like this one across America. Many of us will be discussing plans to counter Obama's Amnesty at this event.

    We need your support. Please help us spread the word!

    Please join us in person if at all possible!

    If you cannot join us in person this Friday and Saturday in scenic Wilmington, NC, then please watch the conference live online this Saturday.

    Here are all the details below.

    Sign up to attend the conference at this website... | iiimpact

    Use Facebook to invite all your friends to come at this link...



    9:00 – 9:30am – Registration & Organization/Sponsor Display Area: Lobby & Main Hall

    9:30 – 10:00a.m. Welcome & Introduction: Main Hall
     Welcome: Curtis Wright, Cumulus Broadcasting Inc.
     Invocation: Pastor Tony McGhee, Radio Commentator & Frederick Douglas Foundation
     Pledge of Allegiance: Legal Immigrants Sam Ibrahim, Isabelle Myers
     Star Spangled Banner: Hayley Hall, Soprano
     Overview of Conference & Introduction of James Johnson, NC FIRE : Jude Eden, iiiMPACT
     Overview of Illegal Immigration in North Carolina: James Johnson, NC FIRE

    Individual Sessions: Attendees have choice of (2) of (4) Sessions/Each session has (1) ‘lead’ facilitator, (2) facilitators, (1) scribe:
    10:00 – 10:45 a.m.
    Topic : Impact of Immigration on: JOBS, PUBLIC BENEFITS & PUBLIC EDUCATION
     Ron Woodard, NC Listen
     Tobin Geatz, Chairman, Inclinix
     Louis Harmati, Legal Immigrant
    Topic 2: Impact of Immigration on: CRIME, JUDICIARY/PUBLIC SAFETY, STATE’S RIGHTS
     Maureen Wilson, NC FIRE
     Sheriff Sam Page, Rockingham County
     Sen. Thom Goolsby

    11:00 – 11:45 a.m.
     Ron Woodard, NC Listen
     Chris Millis (R), NC House-Elect
     James Johnson, NC FIRE
     Ilario Pantano, Radio Commentator & Author
     William Gheen, ALIPAC
     Rep. Frank Iler, NC House, Co-Chair: NC House Select Committee on Immigration

    12:00 – 1pm – ‘Box’ Luncheon & Keynote Speakers: Main Hall, Rear
     Balloon release for victims of Illegal Immigration: Jude Eden, iiiMPACT & Maureen Wilson, NC FIRE
     Grace: Pastor Tony McGhee, Radio Commentator & Frederick Douglas Foundation
     Introductions: Jude Eden, iiiMPACT
     Dennis Michael Lynch, filmmaker: “2012: They Come To America”
     Rep. Mike McIntyre (R-NC): US Congress, NC 7th Congressional District
     Rep. Frank Iler, NC House, Co-Chair: NC House Select Committee on Immigration

    1:00 – 3:00 pm - ‘Live’ Town Hall Broadcast with Live Audience: Main Hall Stage
     Moderator: Curtis Wright, Cumulus Broadcasting Inc., WFNC & WAAV AM
     Facilitator: William Gheen, ALIPAC
     Facilitator: Sheriff Sam Page, Rockingham County
     Facilitator: Sen. Thom Goolsby, Co- Chair: NC Senate Appropriations on Justice and Public Safety, Jud. I
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    Wish i could be there, Wilmington is beautiful !

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    I wish I could be there too!!!! Can't wait to see how it goes!

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    Posted on August 12, 2012

    iiiMPACT convention opens up discussion of illegal immigration -

    iiiMPACT was a success and we thank those who helped make it possible and those who came. What you didn’t see of this interview was the young man saying that although he assumed that there would be overtones of racism at this event, he didn’t find any. It’s a testament to our open discussion format and the educational nature of this event that even those who believed in amnesty and open borders felt free to come, ask questions, give their perspective, and come away with more facts on the subject than when they came in. We might have had more ‘dissenters’ like the young man and the friend who came with him, but despite multiple detailed press releases to every media outlet in the state weeks prior to iiiMPACT, only News 14 and WHQR had the journalistic curiosity to cover it.

    It was made very clear throughout the event that when we discussed the number and type of crimes committed by illegal aliens we were not talking about legal immigrants or immigrants in general. Reflected in the young man’s reaction was the fact that he along with the rest of the audience were given a wealth of factual information on what illegal immigration is costing our citizens – in lives and security lost, billions of taxpayer dollars, closing schools and bankrupting hospitals and more. Although many want to say that ALL illegal immigrants are just good people who want to cut our lawns, they expect us not to talk about the ones who are committing violent and other crimes.

    When people find out about the number of repeat offenders (25%)– for example in the case of pastor, teacher and little-league coach Scott Gardner who was killed by a drunk illegal alien driver who had 3 DWI’s but was repeatedly released and still on the road – they are naturally concerned. When they find out about the drug cartels and gang warfare perpetrated by illegal aliens, they naturally want to find out what they can do to keep their families and neighborhoods safe.

    Primarily that ‘what you can do’ is to pressure our elected officials to just enforce our existing immigration laws and to protect our borders as does every other country. While border agents are being told to run away instead of do their jobs, when DHS is telling law enforcement to release known violent criminals because of their refusal to enforce our laws, there is justified and growing concern that we are becoming lawless, and that illegal aliens and criminals are being protected over citizens. The millions of legal immigrants who have gone through our lawful process respected our laws so that they could be protected by our laws. The more lawless we become, the more we become like the corrupt and poverty-stricken countries they left behind.

    One more note on the immigration process that my husband just completed – it wasn’t easy, but we were proud to go through it, and more importantly, it was the only choice for us. Since the beginning we have known that there is no real life, no life of security and integrity for an immigrant who doesn’t go through this process. Millions of legal immigrants have set themselves and their children up for that security and success that comes with becoming a legal citizen. The old adage is true: Nothing worth having is free. Tedious and sometimes difficult as the process may be, it makes that moment when you take the Oath of citizenship even sweeter. | iiimpact

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