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Thread: Video: More Political Violence Against Trump Supporters

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    Video: More Political Violence Against Trump Supporters

    ALIPAC is issuing a second political violence alert following this video report from WRCB TV in Georgia! (click for news report) Three Hispanic gangster destroyed Trump supporter David Grant's Donald Trump for President yard Woodland Drive in Dalton and then pulled a gun on him threatening to kill him. Police have arrested the three!

    This latest and unprecedented political violence follows numerous attempts by anti-Trump protesters to violate the Civil Rights of Donald Trump and thousand of his supporters by trying to disrupt and shut down political rallies.

    This political violence also follows the assault on a 66 year old veteran and his Trump signs in Florida last week that led to ALPAC issuing the organization's first ever political violence alert on 3-4-16!

    VIDEO: 3 Latino Gangsters destroy Trump sign & Pull Gun & threaten to kill Trump supporter

    ALIPAC is advising all Americans to be on guard and to rally to the aid and defense of Donald Trump and his supporters to stand up against this political violence and Civil Rights violations that affect the freedoms of all Americans!

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    I was waiting for something to happen at his Orlando rally. I was watching it but didn't really listen to him speak because I was too busy watching the guys to the left of Donald Trump. Here are a few clips.

    Here's the whole rally if you have time to watch:

    Lots of thumbs down and gang signs going on in these. I did see in the comments where the guys did get taken out by the Secret Service but haven't seen any stories that back it up.

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