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Thread: Violent illegal alien prisoners inbound to your communities

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    Violent illegal alien prisoners inbound to your communities

    Please monitor and support Tucker Carlson as long as he is able to keep broadcasting. Learn how to like, comment, share and circulate this info and warning. Tie into his multiple comms channels and relay to overwhelm the censorship algo trying to stop us.

    Tucker's website Youtube videos Facebook Twitter

    Venezuela is sending dangerous prisoners into America illegally with Biden's aid (15:45 mark in vid). This is invasion & Treason that is destroying America & killing untold innocent US citizens.

    The harder criminal elements within the 2+ million unprecedented illegals being escorted into America by Biden Harris with your tax resources in the last 19 months could intersect and interact with you or those you love at any time!

    Take steps to provision and protect your families over the next 50 days while staying in the fight to save the nation! Reports of political murders of opponents of socialism are now coming in! Provision, prepare, protect, engage!

    Build up your email contacts, and establish or strengthen your social media accounts, even if you are just using them to fight to save America with us. We have over 20 options for you to explore.

    20+ Social media account options

    Need direction or help, just ask us.

    We only have 50 days left to mobilize and organize you into this final battle!

    William Gheen and the Team
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    We need to military to step in and lock this maniac up! He is destroying our country, our peace, and our prosperity.


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