The Amnesty discharge deadline has been set by the traitors for next Tuesday! (View details) Please keep hitting all DC GOP offices with our ALIPAC volunteer calls! (Review Details)

Matching Donors Needed

We need a strong wave of donors to step forward this weekend and have donations doubled by a new matching funds offer from a supporter who says "We need Americans who are willing to mobilize in June or we could lose the whole battle to save America from Amnesty." She is ready to send us $1,000 in funds if you can help us raise $1,000 by Monday! Please donate now...

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Special Volunteers Needed

We also need special volunteers who have an interest in writing. ALIPAC needs volunteer writers who are willing to write a little content each week for our array of websites and new social media accounts. If you are willing to take direction from our organization's rules of engagement and strategic messages, and you like to write and want your voice heard on a whole new level, please email with the words "VOLUNTEER WRITER" in the subject line for more info.

Let's come together Americans and show these illegal immigration backing lawmakers in DC we will not stand for their treason without a fight!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
PO Box 30966
Raleigh, NC 27622
(919) 787-6009

PS: Remember, we need your donations before Monday morning if they are going to be available for use against the discharge petition they plan to force through by Tuesday! Please have your $25 donation doubled to $50 by our generous donor by contributing now at...