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    WARNING! FOX is Censoring this video so you cant see it!

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Less than one hour after we released the trailer of the new movie, CURRENTLY IN THEATERS, called Machete FOX corporation had YouTube pull every copy from view!

    Our release about the anti-American film Machete a few hours ago...
    WARNING: Tensions Rise Across America

    YouTube reads "This video contains content from FOX, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

    We need immediate help.

    Any of you that have the ability to locate and download a copy of the trailer with the threat against Arizona, please get a copy to help ALIPAC upload it somewhere that they cannot censor it.

    They do NOT WANT AMERICANS to see this video.

    We are alerting our entire media list as well.

    Here is a copy that is still on the web for now at this link...

    Rapidly vanishing trailer for anti-American film Machete

    or here ... ation.html

    We call on all Americans to help us get copies of this video, upload it where FOX and YouTube cannot censor it and to get information about this film to all Americans.

    The ALIPAC Team
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
    FEC ID: C00405878
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    try this one

    I can't seem to save a copy but I'm positive there's someone out there who can figure out how to do it

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    Too seriuos!!

    I feel like this might fall into the "too serious" category...You are definitely going to get those remarks from the other side of this issue. They are going to say "it's just a movie" and "you are trying to make an issue out of nothing". Unfortunately, i agree to a point. I know that all movies are meant to really send an issue and that if we let films like this and the message it might mean to intend, become more mainstream we are opening ourselves up to propaganda, and perhaps encouragement. But, I have seen ALIPAC, seem to stretch the meaning of issues a couple of times to stir up their base, and while the left (we know) does this constantly, this is one of the things that turns the more middle of the road people away from groups like this, and what lets the liberal media paint bad pictures of groups like this.

    I feel like the real issues and real problems that are happening here are more than enough to stir people up and get them interested in what is going on,that we don't need sensationalism or over-exaggeration to sell our beliefs and points.

    Anyone that reads my comments on here knows that I am an avid believer in what Alipac does, but when groups do this sort of thing it makes me shy off a little. I want to be able to talk about this group and send people to this site that i think might have an open mind on issues i care about , and this might turn them off from it, thinking that Alipac takes every little thing and makes it issue instead of focusing on the really important ones.

    You might disagree but that is just my opinion.

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    Not sure which ones but I saw the trailer listed on a couple of the free movies online sights.

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    Nov 2009

    Help or hurt?

    1. I don't know if this helps or hurts, but Alex Jones freaks out about it and has outtakes here:
    Obviously, he's a showman and a lot of people might assume that because he's against it that means it's OK. So, maybe the Gutfeld video is better.

    2. To a certain extent this is yet another mountain out of a molehill. The way to resolve this issue is to get smart and start discrediting those who have actual power as I try to do, even if I don't get much help with it.

    ADDED: What differentiates this issue from others is that the other side is objectively wrong. Other issues are a matter of opinion and perspective. It's easy to show how the other side is lying and misleading and how their policy ideas are full of holes. For instance, it wouldn't be difficult for a smart, experienced person (such as a trial lawyer) to show how is engaging in

    Discrediting him to his face on video for Youtube would have the impact of reducing the moral sheen that he and others try to give to this issue and it would also send a very strong message to the Obama admin.

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    Here's that machete video. 3 min video dosen't tell much but it is obviously Pro-illegal invasion and pits an illegal(?) gangsta machete welder against Amercan law enforcement, depicted as villains. It has several well- known actors in it such as Deniro & Seagal, and a bevy of b-grade actress/sluts. It appear to be a low grade macho violent action pic who's main appeal is Michelle Rodriguez's tight ass & navel. Real appealing film, which i hope with enough negative publicity never see's a movie house and goes straight to B flick DVD oblivion.

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    We have copies ... 5672f1b9df

    This copy has been reduced down to 8.95MB so it can easily be sent by email.
    Certified Member
    The Sons of the Republic of Texas

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    'Machete' trailer is on the Grindhouse/Planet Terror DVD

    'Machete' started as a fake trailer as part of the Grindhouse/Planet Terror collaboration with Quentin Tarantino a couple of years ago. I understand why they don't want it to be widely circulated prior to the movie's release, it's blatantly anti-American (or pro-mexican).

    The trailer is too widely circulated to be hidden. This YouTube issue is probably some overzealous Fox lawyers (=whores) trying to earn their money.

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    Re: Too seriuos!!

    You are wrong. I have watched the movie trailer and it is clearly a movie that will incite violence. Racial tensions are running high and this movie will just make it worse. Especially when the STAR of the movie says " This is Machete with a Cinco de Mayo message for Arizona."
    How can a normal person think that violence will not happen once they see the trailer is beyond me.
    Maybe trolls are just trying to calm people down here on alipac. I do not need to be calmed down. I am an adult with tons of common sense. The people here at alipac are normal people with common sense. These people do not blow things blow out of proportion. This movie is TROUBLE.
    Go troll somewhere else.
    We the People. You the Invader

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    So glad I found this place. I also found the trailer to be very troublesome and I was so upset about it that I threatened legal action myself and said that it would be very irresponsible to release that movie in this climate. Yes there are some people who laugh at everything, including death. I wrote that this is no laughing matter and turn around and find that our governor made a video to the President using the same words. This issue is dividing families that are legal too! And I am old enough that I do not think for a millionth of a millesecond that the creation of this movie is mere coincidence to be timed with this new push by illegals - NOT AT ALL. And that is why I now call some of my favorite people in the industry Hollywood Whores. They're all in it. And they're all in on it. I guess they think they are permanently immune from the ugly side of life and they only get to play at it in the movies. So we have citizen against citizen like never before I don't think. I mean we were threatened by the Civil Rights movement factions and anti-factions but basically I did feel that there was a dialogue and education going on but this - well actually it was probably quite similar except that there was an undercurrent of safety most of the time that is absent now. There was lots of name-calling just like today - "Hippy!" "Pig" "hardhat" and so on. I suppose that then people bemoaned the lack of civility too.

    Lots of other similarities can be drawn as well but the point is that they should not be drawn because these people are illegal - the conversation should stop right there. If people want to go help them in Mexico - fine. Not here. Not at the expense of me and mine.
    Restitution to Displaced Citizens First!

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