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    Warning: funds are too low to complete repairs last email 24 hours till hard decision

    Warning all ALIPAC supporters and illegal immigration fighters!

    We have been sending emails to try to raise $3,000 to fund unexpected extensive and essential repairs to our main website at If we do not compete these repairs, we are likely to lose more than 67% of the web traffic online audiences we have spent 10 years building up in the fight against illegal immigration!

    We have sent 3 emails already and we are still $800 short. We want to thank each one of you that has donated already this year and to this emergency repair fund.

    Unfortunately, if we are unable to raise the $800 then ALIPAC will be forced to continue at greatly diminished capacity in the fight to stop amnesty and illegal immigration because we will be unable to conduct repairs necessary to be an effective national organization.

    This is our final warning on this matter. We hope that more of the 50,000 of you receiving this free email alert, at quite some cost on our end, will step in to help us immediately.

    Those of you not responding yet are giving illegal alien invasion supporters a free pass because we are pinned down begging for pocket change for essential repairs.

    We need immediate substantial contributions at this secure link!

    William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
    (919) 787-6009

    PS: We will have to make a decision around Noon tomorrow, Monday, whether to A. stop our candidate endorsement and support efforts all together and continue to beg for repair funds instead of fighting illegal immigration or ...

    B. leave the repairs uncompleted and allow a large volume of our work and power in the fight against illegal immigration to be lost due to a lack of adequate financial support.
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