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    We must bring Biden & Harris down!

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    Of the minority of Americans who still say they support the Biden / Harris administration, we believe this is soft support showing significant cracks in the runup to the 2024 elections.

    And while there is a litany of issues to be critical of this corrupt regime, the most potent issue is illegal immigration which has the strongest chance of reducing support for the Democratic Party and all of their incumbents on the ballot next year.

    Strong majorities of Americans of every race, gender, and walks of life oppose the Democrat & RINO backed open-borders invasion being facilitated by the Biden Harris Executive Branch that has weaponized taxpayer-funded federal agencies against innocent US citizens instead of doing its job to protect all states from invasion. is the right tool for this job.

    Each day, more people learn about Joe Biden's (View Here) & Kamala Harris's (View Here) awful record on immigration issues in our archives thanks to your financial and volunteerism support!

    We have the experience, people, national network, and structure in place to chip away at what support remains for Biden / Harris! And, for every American voter, we educate and alienate from them, the radical agendas of this corrupt cabal face more resistance, less chance of success, and a greater chance of mitigation for optics before 2024 votes are cast!

    Most importantly, we have your attention, volunteerism, and support!

    Today, we call on all ALIPAC supporters to renew your support for our planes to...

    1. Educate more American voters about what Biden & Harris are doing to support the illegal immigration invasion of America and cost them backing in every sector we can.

    2. Lobby and pressure Congress to take more action against illegal immigration.

    3. Fight on the state level in every state possible to stop the Soros-backed groups and their agenda and crack down on illegal immigrant criminals and voters on the local level.

    If you support our efforts, we need your financial support of $10, $25, $50, $100+ now via our secure contributions page at...

    America is falling apart financially and politically more rapidly each day. Let's be the ones to lead the way in this crisis.

    William Gheen and the ALIPAC Team

    PS: At the time of this email, ALIPAC has less than $600 in our account. We need immediate strong support to carry onward with these plans and strategies at...
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