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    We must complete our full deportation plans

    ALIPAC activists,

    The great news is that your donations and volunteerism over the last 12 years, combined with our platform (view), and our archives at have led to a Presidential candidate that is now promising full enforcement of America's immigration and border laws. Congratulations to you all because this is something you've never had before.

    If you are happy you finally have a candidate promising fully secured borders and immigration enforcement including mass deportation, we need to hear from you now at...

    In his Arizona immigration speech, Trump promised full enforcement of our laws though he does plan to focus deportation efforts on the most dangerous illegals first. He promised there would be no discussion about "immigration reform" for many years if he becomes President.

    On the other hand, Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine have promised full amnesty for all illegals withing 100 days of her Presidency! That means wide open borders, no immigration enforcement which will mean more unemployed and murdered Americans!

    If you favor enforcement over Hillary's mass amnesty plan, we need to hear from you now at...

    If Donald Trump loses this race for any reason now that he has become the standard bearer of our movement to "enforce America's immigration laws" that loss will completely destroy any future attempts to get candidates to carry your views forward on immigration.

    If ALIPAC fails to raise the funds we need by Oct 23... forcing us to shut down after becoming the only illegal immigration fighting national organization in America to endorse Trump for President... and his full deportation plans... well that will also send the wrong message to the nation!

    If you don't want ALIPAC or Trump to fail in our efforts to protect Americans from illegals, we need to hear from you now at...

    We need all of you out there with access to this transmission that many powerful pro-amnesty companies are trying to block, to step forward now and add your support to our full deportation plans that we must see through to completion!

    Please access our secure online donations link below and donate at least $10-$25 and much more if you can afford it!

    Full deportation of illegal aliens is finally within our reach, but we must see the plan we have advocated for since 2004 through to completion!

    Wiliam Gheen and the ALIPAC Team

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