ALIPAC Activists! We have just received more information about the push for Amnesty 2017 in Washington and a supporter of our efforts to stop Amnesty is offering $1,000 to match your donations dollar for dollar via

Our movement to stop those in power who have created the illegal immigration crisis in America pre-existed the current Presidency. It is our past experiences, strategies, hard work, and combined donations that have defeated their Amnesty bills several times.

But unfortunately, we must once again work to turn our movement's attention to Congress where Amnesty legislation has been filed, more is being planned, and the trickery of the RINO pro-Amnesty Republicans is at work once again!

Many of you have reviewed the Amnesty bills (View) and now we have two secretively pro-Amnesty Republican lawmakers in Congress pretending push tough enforcement legislation. Amnesty backing GOP Reps Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) (View Amnesty Record) and Raul Labrador (R-ID) (View Amnesty Record) are doing this dance in committee to trick Americans. We know this is a prelude to combining their tough sales pitch promises of enforcement with eventual amnesty for most illegals.

Both Goodlatte and Labrador are on ALIPAC's Cantor List (VIEW) for their past Amnesty efforts! Notice Labrador's comment "For too long we have allowed individuals to enter our country illegally and in many cases do us harm," he said. "While other reforms are needed, this bill is vital to a long-term fix." (See Article)

By "other reforms" he means Amnesty.

We must immediately begin preparing our movement to fight against Amnesty for illegal aliens once again!

We need ALIPAC fully funded and sounding the alarm to organize American's against this new, sophisticated push for Amnesty!

Thankfully, we have a supporter that has just offered up to $1,000 in matching funds to propel us towards our goal of raising a minimum of $30,000 by the deadline on July 4!

Please help us match this 1K by Monday morning by making your contribution of $10, $30, $50, $100, or $200 right away via...

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We hope you will stand with ALIPAC once again as we do our best to stop these powerful and wealthy elites from permanently destroying America's borders and your voice in US policies and elections.

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