Supporters of ALIPAC:

Today, many of our volunteers are calling campaign offices across America. Some are polling candidates on their positions. Others are working directly with our executive officers to carry the news of ALIPAC's endorsement and to get press releases out into the districts.

Everything is working well as we race to accomplish as much as we can before election day.

We want all of our supporters to know the following.

1. The ALIPAC 2006 Survey has resulted in many interesting conversations inside of the campaigns. Candidate and staff knowledge levels about the problematic issues of Biometric ID's and the SPP have increased. Our survey contains information and questions that were not known to many of the campaigns beforehand. We are happy to report that our survey has created a bit of a stir that has led to a higher knowledge level in the campaigns.

2. Your calls and the calls of our top ALIPAC leaders to the campaigns are leading to some interesting results. It appears that the Open Borders Lobby has given these folks an ear full. Now that our people are on the phones and the candidates want to win, they are listening. We are changing things and influencing candidates and campaigns each day! We have some of our best fighters engaged phone to phone with the campaigns and we are generating results.

3. Our candidate endorsement list is growing each day. Please let us know if you spot any problems. We have found a few candidates that talk tough on illegal immigration, but actually want to pass a Guest Worker program which is amnesty. If you locate any information about any of our endorsed candidates on this issue, let us know. We need your help double checking our work.

ALIPAC refuses to endorse or support any candidate that wants Guest Worker, temporary worker, or whatever you want to call it. It's still amnesty because it lifts the current laws and penalties for illegal aliens.

4. As we predicted, illegal immigration has become the top issue of the 2006 election cycle (See our announcements from 2004 and 2005 on this prediction) and we have helped to put it there.

5. The dynamics we expected are in play. While many voters are trapped between a Democrat candidate that favors amnesty and a Republican candidate that favors not amnesty but a Guest Worker amnesty, there is something very different going on in many places. In many places, the candidates are now engaged in a game of seeing who can be the toughest on the illegal immigration issue. This is what we expected to see from some examples we studied in 2004 (NC Dist 5 Race).

6. Everyone knows the wall is a distraction. No wall with an army on top of it will be able to stop the tens of millions of illegal aliens that will enter America if they legalize the illegal aliens that are already here. Everyone needs to work hard to put the focus back on Guest Worker, empowering local police, removing benefits for illegal, and cracking down on employers.

Please revisit the ALIPAC Platform and apply it in your efforts. These are the winning issues! We do not win on walls and anchor babies.

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