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Thread: William Gheen Vs. Geraldo Rivera Today Trying to Rescue California from Illegals

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    Quote Originally Posted by MontereySherry View Post
    I can never take Geraldo serious. I always flashback to seeing that White Supremist breaking his nose on his tv program. (dating myself)
    When I hear Geraldo's name I always get this picture of a man with a creepy mustache with things stuck to it and dripping off of it. Ugghhh! His mustache is one of the grossest mustaches I have ever seen! It matches his personality perfectly.

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    I contacted all of the members of both houses that would allow an out-of-stater in.

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    Join our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & to secure US borders by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Geraldo can't be taken seriously....Please remember he was responsible for putting the lives of some of our Military at war in danger with one of his news reports in Iraq if i remember right...
    Great job William!!
    I would be flabbergasted trying to speak to that man!! He loves to turn everything around!

    As for his questioning the anger he hears from AMERICAN CITIZENS , and questioning what lengths we would go to to stop the ILLEGAL INVASION.....He's not understanding that we're not threatening violence....
    The anger Geraldo is hearing, is the total frustration we have for our governments refusal to enforce the laws in our country....
    Personally...thats what makes me angry...

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