Supporters of ALIPAC:

We regret to inform you that the Tancredo visit to Greenville, NC has been postponed till next year.

Please review the list of candidates that have responded to the ALIPAC 2006 Federal Candidate Survey. You may be interested in many of the early responses.

If your local candidates and incumbents for Congress and US Senate are not on the list yet, please pick up the phones and call their campaign offices and say "I am a voter and I would like to see your candidate's answers to the questions on the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC survey. Do you plan to fill that out?"

Even incumbents with strong records should answer the survey whenever possible. Many campaigns will try to tell you that their positions are on their website or just to check their voting record.

Well, that would work except for the fact our survey contains many questions that are not included on candidate websites or in the voting records of incumbents.

ALIPAC volunteers have e-mailed this survey to every race in every state they could locate. We owe them a great deal of thanks for their work.

Now we need you to reinforce their efforts.

Please help us by checking this list and calling and e-mailing your local candidates till their names appear.

ALIPAC Candidate Surveys, Pledges, and responses ... forum&f=26

Thank you for supporting
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