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    Youtube Bans National Amnesty Opposing Org's Channel

    Youtube Bans National Amnesty Opposing Org's Channel

    Censorship Corresponds with Amnesty Legislation Battle in DC

    Contact: | | (919) 787-6009

    For National Release | March 11, 2021

    Youtube has removed the channel ALIPAC1 of the national organization Americans for Legal Immigration PAC without warning or three strikes while making false accusations that the contents of the channel, which has been up since 2009, engaged in "severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines." (Email copies available upon request)

    ALIPAC believes the ban by Youtube is retaliation against current activist efforts to stop Amnesty for illegals legislation in DC and the ALIPAC's formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, Matter Under Review (MUR #7834) (VIEW HERE), which accuses Google/Youtube of violating election laws by using censorship and shadowbanning to exert unfair influence over US elections and legislation.

    Most of the videos on the channel were news clips from mainstream news broadcasts, ALIPAC's speeches at events, and copies of ALIPAC's talk radio show interviews. While the channel once experienced thousands of views per month and contents seen by millions, Youtube censorship in recent years had dialed traffic down to only a few hundred per month.

    This ban comes after ALIPAC appealed the removal of a video and notified the national via press release titled "Youtube Bans Rape Defense Video" on Feb. 28 and reuploaded the banned video to Bitchute. (View) and while ALIPAC activists are focused on stopping Amnesty legislation in DC.

    ALIPAC is a racially inclusive, peaceful, political organization with very strict rules against racism and has declared verbally and in writing that the organization's goal is to unite Americans of all races and walks of life against illegal immigration since 2004. Many of ALIPAC's top donors and activists are legal immigrants, blacks, and Hispanics.

    "We received one email on Feb 28 telling us that the video about migrant rapes in Finland had been removed but it said there would be no strike on our channel so we notified the press and our supporters and filed the appeal. Instead of receiving word of our appeal status, we received an email yesterday March 10 stating a strike had been applied to our account for the video Youtube had already removed two weeks ago! How can we be given a strike on a video they already took down two weeks back?" asked William Gheen of "Then this morning we get a notice that our channel has been completely banned for violations of their rules when no such violations had occurred and our videos had been up for many years with no strikes and no recent additions in the last year. We believe our Youtube account was taken down by Youtube employees because we are currently working to stop Amnesty legislation in DC that Youtube's foreign workers, management, and owners support via their front groups like"

    ALIPAC regrets the fact that no due process or fair treatment is being applied to this situation and the political censorship of the national organization's Youtube channel is likely to stand unless members of the American media shine a light on this situation and call on Youtube / Google to explain or correct the partisan attack.

    In the past, social media companies have reversed decisions to censor ALIPAC after media attention showed no rules were violated.

    ALIPAC maintains and circulates a list of 153 conservative voices who have been abused and censored by Big Tech companies. (View)

    ALIPAC is calling on Congress to step in to regulate and break up global corporations like Google/Youtube because some companies are violating the civil rights of American citizens and using their power to censor the flow of information to unfairly affect the outcome of legislation and elections.

    For more information about how Youtube / Google suddenly banned ALIPAC's Youtube channel without three strikes or the corresponding rule violations, please visit

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