[Watch] Muslim Refugees in America Demand Halal School Menu

Posted on Saturday, June 7th, 2014 at 5:20 am.
by: Rick Wells

The first part of the video shows some arrogant chef doing his best Simon Cowell impression on some school lunch ladies. He’s one tough hombre, all right; “Didn’t like what those kids “et” for breakfast today, ladies.” He taught those cafeteria helpers a lesson they won’t soon forget.
The video then cuts to an illustration of how “halal ignorant” the chef is and by association, America as well. Message received, we are intolerant baboons because we don’t know what halal is, please make us whole.
At the 1:30 point they begin our tolerance indoctrination, with a look at the Muslim members of the community’s “Food Justice Momentum Team” who want their dietary restrictions considered in the menu offerings. The narrator said “’they were’ and the refugee group hopes to replicate the win” at a San Diego school board meeting this month.
So this is a refugee group who is now dictating the menu to the school board of one of America’s largest cities. That didn’t take long. Not only are they taking advantage of America’s open arms, they are now twisting those arms to change the local school lunch program.
They describe packing a lunch as a burden for low-income families. Packing a lunch used to be a low-cost alternative to school lunches for all students when needed. Now, it’s a burden for refugees because it’s “more expensive than free.”
Faduma Adam Haji says that she feels the free and reduced lunch is a waste, because she is being provided with the resources to get lunch “because of her low income,” but at the same time she is not being provided with the lunch that she is supposed to be eating.
Haji seems to have assimilated into that entitled, “you owe me America” belief system quite well.
The pro-halal lobby dragged out a proven winner from when they demanded their own swimming hours away from the unclean Americans, Dr. Adina Batnitzky. They have enlisted her aid in promoting their meal demands under a premise of children’s health issues.

They imply at the close that since the Muslim city of Dearborn Michigan has adopted the same program, it’s great for everybody and there no reasonable person could be in opposition.
The prospect of adopting halal guidelines and then serving that meat to unsuspecting non-Muslims was not breached as a topic in the video, but that is something to be concerned with, as is the nature of the process by which halal meat is butchered and the associated animal cruelty issues.
If they are giving a lesson on halal, why not mention the blessing by an Imam and the blood-letting of the animal that is intrinsic to the practice. Unless it’s simply a propaganda video, then that would defeat the purpose.
These people seem more than a little ungrateful and demanding in feeling justified making demands of a nation that gave them “refuge.”
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