[Watch] Oklahoma Governor Playing Nice While Obama Violates Her State With Illegals

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2014 at 12:13 am.
by: Conservative Infidel

By Rick Wells

The questions, according to Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin are “when do we secure the border and how do we send a message to those countries that you can’t just send your children here and have them get Amnesty and the United States is going to pick up the cost.”
Those both seem very easy to answer but for the Governor’s benefit the correct and effective response to the crisis is to place a significant armed force on the border with liberal rules of engagement while simultaneously constructing the long-delayed fence.
You also cut off foreign aid effective immediately until the problem goes away. You notify the offending nations that their citizens will be returning immediately and that those costs will also be deducted from their aid.
Additionally, the criminal government of Mexico must be charged for the expenses associated with combating their cartels. While you’re at it, Governor, demand, don’t request, that Mexico release our Marine, Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi.
That America is in this kind of mess is no surprise. This is what you get when you put an unknown traitorous girly-man socialist in charge. The corrupt Obama has obviously made agreements with foreign governments to flood our nation with their citizens and he and they are simply denying the truth because they are not being held accountable. The truth and accountability need to catch up to them.
Governor Fallin has put the Obama regime on notice that Oklahoma will allow them to honor the contracts for 120 days to house the illegals at military bases that they have already committed to, but that is it. No more. Once October 10th arrives, the illegals must be gone.
That is a consideration the feds don’t deserve. By the time that four month window has past, the groundwork for horrific economic damage will have been established. The federal government will also not hesitate to violate that time frame, with Holder’s Department of Justice ready to drop a civil rights lawsuit on anybody they see as an obstacle to their socialist takeover.
While the federal government may remove many of the illegals from the base in Oklahoma, the cost for their upkeep will still be felt by a state government somewhere, and for these illegals that will likely still be within her state.
The government will place them with foster care providers within Oklahoma, at taxpayer expense, with a cornucopia of other public services provided for no legitimate reason other than the political desires of those in power.
Governor Fallin also brings up the information she has that the federal amnesty inductees also include ninety children from India. That would seem to completely destroy the argument of the Obama regime that these are kids (gang members) fleeing Central American violence. Obama’s DHS is obviously allowing anyone who can get to the border to stay regardless of the situation in their home country or what their country of origin might be.
Governor Fallin summarizes saying “Secure the border, have a plan and enforce the laws of the United States.” That’s a start, but she really should develop a sense of urgency. There is no reason to tolerate the violation of her state by the Feds even for the short term.
Leadership is about taking action, Governor, not just recognizing the existence of a problem. While her position in opposition to the lawless Obama regime is a correct one, her helpless acquiescence and acceptance of the federal government victimizing her state is inexcusable.
She can take action, there are smart people in the Oklahoma government who can come up with a lot of ideas. One option would be to close down roadways critical to the traffic in and out of the military installation in question, or to prohibit certain commodities from transport on those roadways. That is the type of action that it is going to take.
Nice words don’t work with socialists who are destroying your country. Action in kind to their attacks on America is what is required.