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    Quote Originally Posted by MW View Post
    Such fantasy could never be realized because, unfortunately, not every law enforcement agency in the country shares our enthusiasm for going after and getting rid of illegal immigrants. Immigration law is federal law and as such is the responsibility of the federal government. If every law enforcement agency, city council, governor, and mayor in the country had the mindset of someone like Sheriff Arpaio, perhaps such a scheme would work. However, that is not the case and under our form of republic government it would be an impossibility.
    Law enforcement as a general rule is only as enthusiastic about enforcing any law as their employers allow. If they get no support from locally elected officials, then they are not going to enforce any laws. Sheriff Arpaio is an elected official and has the support of the public who keeps him in office.

    Our republic has federal laws which everyone must observe and it is only through the permissiveness of elected officials in federal government that local governments refuse to observe certain laws.

    If local government will not uphold the basic integrity of citizenship, and citizenship being the only possible currency of participation in our society, then this needs to be confronted as grave political and legal matter at all levels, local and federal.
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    There will be federal ICE officials who will make up the difference. And as soon as it starts, the better, because the sooner the positive results will roll in showing increases in the training and employment of American Workers which will trigger increases in wages and reductions in unemployment, poverty and crime rates. As soon as it starts, cities and states blocking their law enforcement from enforcing US immigration law will fall out of favor, they'll lose their re-elections, others will be put in office, and the Prairie Fire will burn brightly throughout this country getting this job done legally, humanely and completely.
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