“They are afraid”: Glenn rails against Republicans at GOP fundraiser

Sunday, Feb 2, 2014 at 1:12 PM EST

During Friday’s radio show, Glenn warned that he wasn’t the best candidate to speak at GOP events. He reminded listeners of his infamous CPAC speech calling out progressives on both parties, which resulted in some pretty unhappy establishment GOP members giving him the “stink eye”. Despite his reputation, a local TX GOP group asked him to speak at their annual fundraiser. Glenn warned that his views would elicit more than just a stink eye, as he sees the progressive problem in the Republican party even clearer now than he did when he spoke at CPAC in 2010. But that didn’t deter the Parker County GOP from asking him to speak.

“There’s not enough stink eye to go around for me because it ain’t gonna stop me. Ain’t gonna stop me. Not with what the GOP is doing right now. It’s a disgrace,” Glenn warned.
So what did he have to say at the event?
Glenn spoke a lot about the principles of the establishment Republican party, and how they are incredibly out of step with conservatives and the ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Last week, the Republicans released their principles on immigration, noting that they believed border security and internal enforcement “must come first”. But did they take any steps when they had control of Congress and the White House?
“They were afraid to act,” Glenn reminded the audience.
The failure for the GOP to act was a major theme of the speech. Glenn asked why there was never a special prosecutor appointed for any of the scandals that broke out in Washington like the NSA, the IRS, or Benghazi. He also asked why the GOP doesn’t stand up against the culture of abortion, or the lies after lies that have been told by the President on Obamacare.
“Because they are afraid. They are afraid of being called naughty names,” Glenn said.
Glenn said that when the GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have spoken up lately, it has been to take down true conservatives like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee.
“Who needs MSNBC when you have the GOP crowd in Washinton DC,” Glenn joked.
“If the GOP expect to survive – if you embrace John McCain and John Boehner it will not happen. If you embrace Mike Lee and Ted Cruz you win big time,” Glenn said.
“You’re not here because you want to win an election at all costs, you want the principles to move forward,” he explained.
So what’s the solution?
Glenn said the American people need to let the politicians know that they don’t need the parties anymore, and that the cultural and technological shift happening in America means that people can unite and move forward through grassroots efforts. A blogger, a self-published author, or a independant filmmaker can now get their voice out into the world in a way they never could before, and that same idea has started to change the outdated political system in America as well.
Glenn also said that people “must find the principles within ourselves. The ones that are not just worth fighting for, the ones worth dying for, but the ones truly worth living for. For our families, for our spouses, for our God, for our Constitution, for our Republic.”
“Texas must stand now,” he said to applause at the end of his remarks.
You can watch Glenn’s opening remarks from the speech below. Look for more highlights on The Glenn Beck Program this week on TheBlaze TV.