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    It is not always best to be #1 ....after seeing CNN the other careful what you wish for....Atlanta is #1 in the nation for ILLEGAL DRUGS in the US....70 Illegals were the most recently arrested in Atlanta....Why is our politicians so blind to this major problem??? Secondily the DOT just allows these big rigs to cross into our country ....How can you drive in this country if you can't read the signs? This most recent arrests prompted this CNN story....which was replayed several times on Wed and Thrus . A map of the US was displayed and a commentator for Drug Inforcement gave a demonstration showing how the drugs are distributed after arriving in Atlanta are then moved to a warehouse where they are sub divided into smaller packages. The smaller packages are much easier to then distribute to YOUR CITY....AND YOUR CHILDREN....and GRANDCHILDREN....
    Because there is such a huge population of ILLEGALS in Atlanta (CNN words...not mine) these drug dealers just blend into the area. Now this is why it is getting attention....GUNS and MONEY is going back to Mexico....and they are afraid this power will overthrough the Mexican government. Mayor Franklin was quick to state this is not going on in her Metro City...but the that certainly gives me COMFORT.
    Now maybe if our government upheld the Constitution and stopped harboring Illegals we could solve a lot of our PROBLEMS... [/b]

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    I just saw on the news the other day that mexican truck drivers are not coming over much anymore. There used to be a line a mile long and they waited for hours at the border to bring their cargo here, but now they only have a fifteen minute wait, because nobody is buying. mexicans fear a recession coming soon to mexico.
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    Good News...

    I had not heard that ...thanks for that info about the Trucks coming into US...I tried searching on line for the CNN story that was on CNN to send to the 13 politicians coming up for election in 2010 to see their views on Illegals. Here in my County...1/3 of the first and 2nd. graders were from Illegal parents a year ago...They are like rabbits here...and fill our ER and of course the tax payers are footing the bills. The last statistic I heard in my County....that over a Million dollars was being sent back to Illegals...then they go get food stamps...Amazing ....the Compassionate American, is shooting himself in his foot. LA RAZA must really enjoy our stupidity!!!!!

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