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    #1 Reason Why Presidents Approval Ratings Are Falling!

    #1) His position on amnesty and illegal immigration!

    #2) The economy, and the fact that, most Americans earn less today than they did 5 years ago.

    #3) Iraq

    Why doesn't the news media even include the #1 reason in their polls, and why don't they poll the average Joe like me?

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    The news medias are owned by the corporations who helped Bush swindle his way into office. Average Joes like you aren't toadying to the corporations and might actually tell how the people of America REALLY feel on the issues. And how can they spin that?

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    Do you want to know how the news media manipulates your mind; in order to preserve profits for the wealthy people and big money?

    90% of all news stories are human interest stories. You know these stories about, Nataly Holloway and Michael Jackson and the congress woman who hit the police officer, those types of stories. These are stories that do not have a direct affect on you. Their only purpose is to play with your emotions. They devote hundreds of hours of coverage to these types of stories while devoting only minutes to stories that do directly affect you. And when they do talk about the stories that directly affect you, they sugar coat it and give you missinformation. They can do this because, big money owns the media. They own more than 50% of all the media stocks.

    Take the housing market news. Everybody knows that there is housing bubble. You see for sale signs popping up all over the neighborhood. How does this directly affect you? As the equity in your homes drop, you cannot take out more home equity loans for home improvements and to buy things. You may even have a much harder time selling your home if you need to. What are the other implications of falling home values? You don't know because, the news media devotes only minutes to this type of news story. Don't want to give too much knowledge to the people. If they did, too many sheeple might try to cash out at the same time, I mean too many people might try to cash out at the same time. This would hurt the profits of the wealthy people who are already cashing out. And what would happen to the profits of the 1% of people who own the banks? Their losses would be even greater. So, Hush Hush on this one.

    What about Bird Flu? How does this directly affect you? It's already killing millions of chickens and birds around the world and, many people have died from the H5N1 strain. If it mutates into human form it could kill millions of people. How many hours of coverage are they devoting to this story a week? Wouldn't want to panic the masses. They might start stocking up on food stuffs. Their might be shortages dry goods and canned goods. They might stop buying Xboxes and Ipods. This would really hurt profits. So, Hush Hush on this one too.

    And finally, Illegal Immigration. How does this one directly affect you? If I elaborated on this one, it would be like preaching to the choir. So, I'll summerize; Lower wages, Fewer good job prospects, Lower future earnings potential, Drugs comming across the border, infesting our neighborhoods, etc. etc. etc. How does this hurt big money if we talk about it to much? If they pass a law stopping it, or enforce the laws already on the books, profits would go down. Higher wages = lower profits. The American business community is addicted to cheep labor. And since most people get all their news from TV, they definatly don't want too much coverage of this one, on the channels that they own. So, Hush Hush Hush.

    So, What can you do to get the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

    1)When watching TV, channel surff around the Human Interest stories to find soundbytes of truth. Do not allow yourselves to be sucked into human interest stories, wasting your time. Their are too many, more important stories that directly affect you. Human interest stories have no direct affect on you whatsoever. Watch Lou Dobbs and the few others that speek the truth.

    2)Surff the internet. Big money cannot control this. Thats why they hate it so much, and especially blogs. Knowledge is Power people. Empower Yourselves.

    3) Visit sites like; for housing bubble news.

    Visit sites like; for bird flu news.

    Visit sites like; and for news about whats happening around the world, and the one were on now.

    Good Luck and God Bless

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