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    American Border Patrol Detained

    American Border Patrol Detained
    January 5, 2006 -- Members of the American Border Patrol were detained at Bisbee airport last evening following a flight of the Border Hawk M. Glenn Spencer and Mike King were held for nearly an hour next to the Cessna TU-206 while the Border Patrol checked them out. "I don't understand why this happened," said Spencer, head of ABP, "the Agents told us they knew who we are and I have personally met with the head of the flight operations for Tucson Sector Customs and Border Protection to coordinate our efforts." Spencer said that for the first twenty minutes of detention, a Customs/Border Patrol Lear Jet circled the airport at about 2,000 feet. He found out from the agent's radio that it was watching the action on the ground with an infrared camera. "I didn't even know they had a Lear that could do that," Spencer said, "And to think the first time I learn about it they are tracking me."

    Makes you wonder who ordered this now doesn't it.
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    Very interesting. I see two possible scenarios. Neither of them good.

    1)They were detained because someone knew something was going on that they didn't want seen because they were PAID not to let it be seen.

    2)They were detained to keep them from being hit by a sniper or some other danger which was secretly cleaned up.

    I'd like to think it was with good cause rather than bad but knowing all I know and seeing all I've seen, I sort of doubt it.
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