America's New "Humpty Dumpty" With His Fall And All! A Commentary By Pastor Ron Budwine

Pastor Ron Budwine
May 14, 2013

"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty took a great fall, All the kings horses and all the kings men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again."

How proper and fitting a famous children's nursery rhyme should serve to sum-up President Obama and his less-than-stellar stewardship after these past 5 plus years in office! I suppose when one reflects to earlier administrations, President Richard Nixon's ultimate fall from personal and public grace would run a close far.

Even as "We The People" watch with some amazement at the public "Unraveling" of numerous government " Indiscretions" these past 7 days there seems to be no clear end in sight. To say the good President, and his Administration have had better days would not be considered an over-statement in fact or in form.

Having watched President Obama since he was an up-and-coming Community Organizer-turned Senator from Chicago, one comes away with the sense of practiced deliberate calm and "coolness" about him no matter his surroundings. One could even say with some confidence that President Obama prides himself in his ability to hold any sign of panic at arms length when faced with difficult issues.

This attribute of old has appeared to change somewhat with this "Benghazi-Gate Affair" having grown legs daily, and of course the new revelations concerning the IRS disclosures of singling-out Conservative groups and organizations for investigations. If you add the news release of the AJ's office grabbing private phone info from the Associated Press organization, a Zanex might be in order for the Resident's of the White House!

Even with President Obama's trusted "Lackeys at the "MSM", and in Congress, the inevitable "Political Winds Of Change" have finally arrived no doubt to whisk-away the dirt, rot, and ashes of the false "hope and change" given to a morally fractured society once promised fabulous wonders far beyond their wildest dreams "IF" they would just have faith!

All of this forged by a force within this once-great and honorable Republic secretly bent on enslaving their own "Brothers & Sisters" over the well-known " 30 Pieces of Political Silver"! One can only wonder if and when the "Kiss" will be administered to the victim's cheek?

A very learned and honored friend pointed out yesterday that what America and its citizens are currently faced with has been the sole product of too many "Spectators" sitting on the sidelines and the gross lack of enough "Faithful" players on this field of battle to alter the course of events!

That term "Spectator" should stick in the throat of every man and woman worth their "SALT" in this nation and be reason to fall to their very knees in shame before their fellow Americans and their God who gave them this land!

The real truth of the matter is this: "We The People" are in this situation because WE have abandoned the very system of checks and balances set up by The Founders and The Almighty to block any force of corrupt intruders, foreign or domestic, from gaining power from the American people!

It has become clear that over these past decades we have allowed even our faithful "Gate Keepers" to join in with the many "Spectators" mentioned earlier to add to our burden. In truth, we for the most part have become a society of "Stuff & Things" none of which is worth the respect this Republic and its citizens once commanded in every corner of this planet

Now the question in most people's mind is whether or not President Obama and his "Merry Men & Women" will weather the "Storms Of Change" facing them? The "Smart Money" inside the so-called "Washington, D.C. Beltway" makes it even money so far but all the facts have yet to surface, and rumor has it more government "Whistle-blowers" are indeed beginning to line up to offer their side of this sorted story before Congress.

From what I can see, I seriously doubt this "Benghazi-Gate" issue will stay the political sideshow President Obama referred to recently, indeed I feel confident this will grow to become a Political Behemoth of biblical proportion sent to devour those associated with it! Let us pray the good President sets things straight before this event takes place for his sake as well as this nation for in many of our minds America has already had its fair share of "Humpty Dumpty's" to last a lifetime! Amen

"Laus Deo & Shalom"